Trader Profiles


Orions are good traders, but are somewhat contemptuous of the local laws. They usually will not break them openly, but will find a way to get around them when they can. The Orion government is quite bureaucratic and is actually controlled by the major families. In fact, most Orion traders are at least loosely affiliated with one of the major Trading Families. The Trading F

amily organizations are run like companies, but with stronger family ties. Thus, if the Orion trader ever runs into trouble, his family will usually try to help him out of the jam, assuming, of course, that they are currently on good speaking terms with him! On the other hand, the family expects its members to help the family if the need arises. An Orion who shirks his family duty will be disowned (or worse).

Humans and members of other races who own Orion slave women are understandably reluctant to disclose this fact. More often than not, such a sale has been a ruse, and the woman takes the opportunity to enthrall her new “owner” so that she may take her time to fleecing him of everything he owns. The victim of the scam are usually unable to even report the crime to the authorities!


Romulan traders, as in so many other aspects of their lives, are militarily regimented. They are a close-knit group, bordering almost on brotherhood. Though tending to operate on their own, with quite a bit of independence, Romulan traders will accept and respect orders from the Tal Shiar and military. These orders are not usually phrased as “You will do this” so much as “The Empire needs this. Do what you can about it:. And although they are not actually the military , Romulan traders will act as though they are espionage agents. Any useful information will be reported to the proper authorities as soon as possible. The trader will not go out of his way to do so, but he or she will not avoid reporting the information either. After all, the trade mission is always the first priority, and the Romulan trader’s superiors will stress this fact.

In dealing with alien races, the Romulan will always be courteous, unless he has proven himself superior in some fashion. In many ways the Romulan resembles the Andorian more than the Vulcan in temperament. However, whereas an Andorian who has been insulted will defend himself to satisfy his honor, and then stop when that honor has been satisfied, an insulted Romulan’s honor can never be satisfied. Fortunately, Romulans are not easily insulted. A Romulan will never take it personally if his path is blocked, unless the blocking actions were preformed deliberately. Romulan philosophy decrees that if an obstacle is before one, the obstacle should be removed.


For a Klingon, trade is a mater of survival. Most of the Hidden Kingdoms require everything to be brought in, those Houses who managed to save their wealth before the fall of Q’Ono’S have been in a strong position during these hard times. Tremendous pressure is on the Klingon trader to deliver there are those looking to collect the Terran bounty on Klingon royalty and those that depend on him or her may go hungry or worse if the trader doesn’t deliver. For this reason, Klingon traders are very paranoid in most of their dealings. Klingon security have eyes and ears everywhere, and even on a one-man scout a Klingon is never sure whether or not he is being monitored in some fashion.

Klingon trading crews are not always what they seem. They often use their position to get into areas where a warship would not be allowed. Their vessels are generally well armed, but the armament is usually well hidden. It is not unheard of for a Klingon trader vessel to switch to piracy then back to trading again with the blessing of the Klingon House that depends on them.


Being a very argumentative race , Tellarites generally make rather poor traders among other races. In fact, Tellarites deal with alien races the same way they deal with each other – loudly! Tellarites always complain aabout how they are being cheated in any deal they make, but most traders ignore this. It is just part of the Tellarites way of doing business. Many traders feel that Tellarites are too argumentative to be good traders among more diplomatic species. Despite this, many Tellarites turn to interstellar trade as a profession (perhaps to be difficult).

Tellarite worlds consume a great deal of luxury goods, which should be considered when planning a trade profile for such places. Thus, Tellarite traders generally buy luxury goods out of system and bring them back to their fellow Tellarites: most Tellarites prefer to trade in a situation where they know what a customer will want. They will, of course, transport Tellarite produced cargos back out, but they are only doing it to keep the hull full. The Tellerite trader’s dream run is shuttling luxury cargoes back and forth between two Tellerite colonies!


Vulcan merchants are, as one might expect, logical and cerebral about their business as well as their personal affairs. Vulcan traders do not bargain and are usually in a position to get the price their are asking for. Neither, however, will they misrepresent the value of goods. Some would say that this makes them the most honest merchants, as they never ask more than something is worth. Vulcans have a reputation of being stingy and grasping among those on the wrong end of the deal.

Small independent traders also tend to dislike Vulcan traders, mainly because most Vulcan trade ships are run by family corporations (owned by the Terran Empire) in business for hundreds of years. Vulcan trade ships are generally huge affairs, offering the ability to move goods very cheaply in bulk. Vulcans do not waste money and can operate their ships at lower costs than others. This makes it hard on the small independent merchant operating in the same area, forcing the small trader to scratch for the smaller cargoes.


Trade is vital to the Terran Empire. The Empire costs a vast sum of money to run and trade brings in much of that money. The population of the Terra Prime is 8.4 billion and such a vast population requires all manner of things brought back via trade.

The Terran Empire was criss-crossed with trade routes. There are routes that connect all the Vassal worlds to Earth and numerous routes striking out of the Empire by independent traders. Trade and moving Starfleet war ships around were the two principle concerns of Starfleet Command.

The Terrans made trade as easy as possible. They promoted one currency (the credit) and there were no complicating customs dues. Trade was vital to the success of the Empire.

Terran traders are eager to get their piece of the action and to crack open the vast wealth back home. With Starfleet behind them along with rich and powerful buyers hungry for new alien tech, traders are willing to bend over backwards to make a deal happen. Unfortunately, the expansionist policies of the Empire make aliens suspicious of their motives, and it isn’t unheard of for Starfleet to a make a few offers suppliers “can’t refuse”. Out in the black Terrans generally act as if they have the entire Star Fleet behind them, and in a way they do, as no one wants to wake the beast that is always looking for new prey to devour.


Gorn males are among the roughest and most boastful tradeship crewmen in existence. They are aggressive about trade territories as they are about everything else, and no quarter is ever asked or given in economic struggles to physical ones. Fortunately for Gorn balance sheets, Gorn females control the economic power much like they control the military. The females keep a close watch on the males aggressive business dealings and keep things in hand.

Despite their relative cool-headedness, when a Gorn female decides to focus the efforts of abusiveness venture on eliminating a competitor, the competitor is eliminated one way or another. The true Gorn vendetta is not common within the borders of the Triangle, much like the Terrans the Gorn are making nice in order to gain a foothold in the region.

Gorn specialize in hard to aquire goods, and are proud purveyors of items strange and bizarre. Not only do customers have to pay well for these items but they also have to sit through Gorn’s often exaggerated and long winded tale of their exploits as well.


The Triskelitrons do not seek the profession of interstellar trader very often. When they do, they stick to small ships often selling Triskelitron made tools and instruments which are the highest quality. Being an extremely long lived race, it is not unusual for a Triskelitron to take up trade for a century or two in order to build up capital for some project in the future.

Triskelitrons are shrewd negotiators and are notorious for not being entirely forthcoming about their wares. Triskelitrons believe that if the buyer is not savvy enough to know what he is buying then he gets what he deserves.

Triskellitrons strong slave market lends itself to trade in detention devices such as obedience collars, and pain belts.

Triskelitron traders are notorious for being heavy gamblers. Despite being “evolved” quite a few have let debts get the better of them.

Triskelitrons are often viewed with suspicion as others never know whether they are involved with a legitimate trade or they are paying to be pawns in some kind of clandestine experiment.


For nearly 800 years the Trill have been leaders in intersystem trade. Under the leadership of the Joined Trill society flourished by practicing acceptance, communication, and academics. It was the export of these values that has lead to many profitable relationships with major players like the Terrans, Romulans and even the Klingons.

Trill technology is second only to Vulcan but unlike Vulcans Trill are more than willing to make a profit. First and foremost the Trill value relationships. Traders often take the time to learn the languages, and follow the customs of their clients. At the end of the day, Trill see more value in building strong relationships than money.

Those that mistake graciousness for weakness are taught a brutal lesson about the strength of the Trill Merchant Fleet. Although it cant compare to the fleets of the great Empires, it is considered the most powerful civilian Fleet in the Alpha. Fortunately, it is rarely deployed as few wish to be “blacklisted” by the Trill.

Stable Orion trade routes have brought in a steady stream of Trill investment. Trill Financiers are behind many of the projects to support inter-system networks

Trader Profiles

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