Shad Warehousing

Pg 24 Suns of Gold
Friction is the penalty on Trade.
Factor is the person running the Holding.
Modifier’s are x3 for conversion to ST:S rules.

Shad wants to set up a warehouse that will buy and sell on a world and then hire a transport to ship it (or use the Hellraisers).

He buys a Level Two Holding.

Level :2
Cost: 25k
Slots: 6
Single floor in an office

With Six Slots he has a few Options to upgrade.

Name, Cost, Slots, Minimum Population, Tech Level, Benefit

Bribery Ring/Major 250k, 5, None, 0, As minor, but Friction is -2 for that deal

Bribery Ring/Minor 100k, 2, None, 0, Roll Factor’s Int/Culture/Criminal vs. 8; on success, Friction is -1

Commercial Bank/Major 500k, 5, 1m, 3, Transfer up to 1 million credits per month from world to world
Commercial Bank/Minor 100k, 1, 100k, 2, Transfer up to 100,000 credits per month from another world

Disavowed Ops/Major 200k, 5, None, 0, You do atrocities for bad people. -2 Friction on deals
Disavowed Ops/Minor 100k, 2, None, 0, You do horrible things for bad people. -1 Friction on deals

Friendship Society/Major 500k, 5, None, 0, As minor, but Friction is -2 for that deal.
Friendship Society/Minor 250k, 1, None, 0, Roll Factor’s Cha/Culture/Local vs. 9. On success, Friction is -1.

Market Access/Major 500k, 5, 100k, 2, Quadruples maximum cargo tonnage purchase on a world
Market Access/Minor 250k, 2, 10k, 2, Doubles maximum cargo tonnage purchase on a world

Sovereignty 1m, 5, None, 0, The traders are recognized as a sovereign interstellar power

Special Services/Major 350k, 5, 1m, 0, As minor, but more so -2 Friction
Special Services/Minor 100k, 2, 100k, 0, Provides illicit solutions for local power brokers. -1 Friction

Shad Warehousing

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