he South part of the Triangle is ruled my King Kubilai the Albino Bastard. He has enough ships to bully the colonies into paying him tribute. He fans hatred against the rest of the Galaxy and many foreniers are arrested for being spies making travel there a dangerous prospect.

The Hellrangers are interested in Regime change and support a Lord Matius who is agreeable. He offers a trade pass, and the Hellraisers offer money for sewing the seeds of dissent.

PCs find themsellves with a untamed market and a free pass, the HR contact them to be their men on the inside to take down the empire. Evidcence of the wickedness of Kunulai.

The world will be 3 or four nations or maybe 5 that become 4 during the course of the game, all ruled by King Kubilai’s Horde. The Horde only cares for the Tributes which they use to become more powerful and eventually expand.

Idea is to have all levels of Combat good to go, using Shadowrun rules, Fleet, Ground and all single combat, Companies, Maps of the system where we can change control to different factions. The whole deal, control of the south Triangle.

The PCs are in the right place at the right time. A Baron from the Sourthern Dark is in trouble and the PCs help him out. As a reward he gives them solid gold seal/tablets which will allow them free travel and business throughout his kingdom for five years. A crafty and useful trader like yourself can do quite well.

Contacted by the Northern United. represented by a Hellraiser. Shows that there is a buildup along the border and a few worlds went dark, they would like information, and help to bring the regime down. Before they become a threat. They have allies on the inside.

The allies are companies and have missions for the PCs and will gain rep and coin in return.

Passes may be earned for the other provinces. Or one can travel without and take their chances, roll at every port. then bribery if they are lucky.

Zain’n is in charge of the whole thing, changed his name to The Something. His foreces took over the 9 Kingdoms. His Horde. His Officers are his CHorus. They are on every planet. They are telepathic with each other. Zain’n will know if something happens to them and what. He will reply accordingly.

Zain’n starves the Kindoms so they often war against each other which Zain’n does not mind for it makes his job of domination easier. Perhaps he encourages instability. . The PCs are charged with giving stability and saving these colonies so they can stand up for themselves and eventually Zain’n.

Each world will have control makers for each group that controls it. IF they control major worlds the smaller ones will follow. Each world can have maintenance costs. and how much it can produce. and they can be grouped by close by planets.

Must make alliance between a few different groups, Zain;n only has enough Horde to handle two nations at once, he wants no one to know. Horde Weakness. Poison knocks out most of his plant army opening door for revolution.

Tech and Virus combine to make Borg plague. The need to connsume and assimialte was the cure gone mad. Borg hunter arrives, Immortal, comes to kill the queen when she forms. Then to burn the rest of it. Freeze and shatter?

Gain titles and honors in every land, be allowed to be come a citizen, then to start a business, Establish a colony, that will be a beachhead?

Zain’n King

Sphere Builder- Organic? Disrupt Subspace, Mantains the Under Spiral. Collects from the System Lords. Zain’n gave his lords environmently perfect worlds.

Black holes that swallow light and make stars appear to be in different places mess up Navigation,

Why doesnt warp work? Sphere Builders/

The Lords were unable to maintain control during the Plague the Zain’n could not stop, they had to get outside help and aid. The time is now to open business relations.

System Lords

All systems are connected by Transwarp conduit, no longer havng the need for warp drive, the Horde has a tonne of ships. Warp travel is made more difficult by the Orbs.

There is a Magic User realm and Zain’n has been trying to grow a body that has Magic but fails, so they have an army of immortal mindless servants, the rejects.

Terran Lord: Star Fleet Ships and Red Shirts.

Gorn Lord: Tight with Zain’n and his prized army. Jungle Worlds

Bolian- poison blood. blood on blade, first is free second is stun, each increases damage by one.

Orion Lord: Family based


florecent Hair: Science


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