C Design

8 Steps to building a Plot
Designing a Combat Encounter
8 Kinds of Fun

1. Choose a Meta Structure
Linear or Mini-snadbox?


2. Choose a Dramatic Situation
Which of the 36 dramatic situations?

Invasion to gain resources

4 Play sessions.

4. The Participants of the Plot
Good 1:
The PC’s (Are they one or both of the good powers?)

The Main Bad buy
The Zeta Barons

2nd Good guy (if needed)
Planet Govt, want to restrict the sale from those who sell to malcontents.

2nd Bad Guy
Daughter of the ZetaBaron who hates the people of the World for a slight.

1st Neutral Party
Opposition parties friendly with the Zetas

2nd Neutral Party
Business who support Opposition and want sales to Zetas.

The HellRaisers

5. What are the PCs trying to accomplish and what is standing in their way.
Investigate the death of their friend.

Identify the PCs motives
The PCs want to know who murdered their friend and possible learn more about his HR ways.

Identify the Villains motives
The Zeta Baron wants more radioactives after his supply was cut because of World trade policies.
The Daughter is sent to negotiate but she is a warrior with a chip on her shoulder. A conflict causes her anger and she wants revenge on the colony.

6. Establish the set Pieces
World Spacedock and town
Act 1 – Learning about the NPCs, story, and environment

Scene 1
Funeral , learn there may have been a murder covered up by the law, because of a powerful friend. No one will talk to her.

Scene 2
PCs investigate and find out that the cops where paid to shut the fuck up by the Energy CEO because it will fuck up talks. Cops come to “arrest” them.

Scene 3
Cops kill or coma the wife for talking and burn down her house and declare it an accident. Kid hiding in the spot, contacts PCs, she is being hunted.

Scene 4
Cop who was there says the daughter killed the husband. He is hiding out from the cops who will turn him in. He wants off world. He makes the PCs Hellraisers.

Checking the 8 Kinds of fun
Act 2 – Things go right for the PCs
Scene 1
PCs look for the daughter. She is on world touring. Diplomat, trying to say that the Metabarons are civilized good people. The PCs find the Daughter. and find out she is in a section where they can trap her.

Scene 2
They Trap the Daughter

Scene 3
The Daughter’s followers help her escape.
Scene 4
The PCs catch the daughter and put her in jail. Deputized. She surrenders.

Checking the 8 Kinds of fun
Act 3 – The Villains Strike Back
Scene 1
They secure her and check the Jail. The new crew will be there in the a few days. They invoke the Hellraisers and get respect. She is abother their judgement and demands to be let go. The ENergy Corp make a play. Money then Threat. Says they are on their own.

Scene 2
Bounty Hunters come and cant get in because of power.

Scene 3
Power gets cut.

Scene 4
Face followers, Daughter gets free. Drops city defense.

Checking the 8 Kinds of fun
Act 4 – Conclusion

Scene 1
Scene 2…
7. Designing the Finale
Finale event
Checking the 8 kinds of fun
8. Future Plot tie ins
What is the wildcard doing?
Review plot and identify problems/possible deviations
(review together and make adjustments together)

Character incorporation
(reveal all characters)
Incorporate Character 1
Incorporate Character 2
Incorporate Character 3
Final thoughts

C Design

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