Trill Esotera

Trill Science Ministry

1. Squish Sciences rolls by One.

2. Get a +1 Width Bonus to Sciences Specialization.

3. Like NDT you can mix charisma with science. Mind + Sciences + Negotiation. to persuade your audience.

4. You can work miracles with the materials at hand. Penalty from environment is as if it were one lower. Eg. Primative lab is treated as a Modern lab.

5. Double duration of Black Science.

Trill Business Academy
Charm + Negotiation
Reduce Friction by One.
Get a +2d Bonus when dealing with specified commodity.
Prevent a Quality From Tiring in
Narrow Circumstances

+1 Gobble dice to Negotiation
Change a Relevant Other Skill Die to a Master Die, One Time

Background: Cosmopolitan (3)
You were exposed to a great many
cultures during your childhood and are
accustomed to dealing with strangers
and foreigners without needing to draw
weapons to make their point.
You gain a bonus Expert Die on Social
tests when being diplomatic or reading
people’s emotions.

Background: Merchant Family (3)
You spent most of your formative years
around powerful trading costers and craft
guilds. You come from a family that
excels at trade and knows the value of
hard work. Choose a medium (e.g.
stonework, carpentry, gems etc).
You gain a bonus Expert Die on
Scrutinize tests to appraise and
Manipulation tests to haggle for the
chosen medium.

Background: Noble Family (3)
Your family was one amongst the
aristocracy and you learned how to
behave as a lordling should.
You gain a bonus Expert Die on
Leadership tests to inspire and command
and on Social tests in situations where
etiquette is required.

Trill Esotera

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