Trade Codes

Setterfeld Trade Profile: HAFGDEG C(D) What the hell does this mean?!?

Each letter is a price modifier the order indicates the type of product.

From left to right the letters represent:

Foodstuffs and Agricultural Goods

Normal Minerals & Raw Materials

Radioactives and Special Minerals (dilithuim crystals, special allows, radioactives)

Drugs and Medical Agents (drugs herbs rare plants)

Low Tech Manufactured Goods (Bades, basic tools, natural textiles)

Medium-Technology (Firearms, machine tools, plastics.

Manufactured Goods

High Tech and Mechanical Goods (energy weapons. Spacecraft, computers)

Luxury Item Demand

Population Rating

Consumption/ Production
How much the world has to sell, or how much they are willing to buy.

A= x4

B x2

C x1

D x0.5

E= Sparsely Populated x0.25

X= Outpost x0.10

Trade Multiplier

A -3

B -2

C -1

D 0

E +1

F +2

G +3

H +4

Luxury Item Price Modifier

A x2

B x1.5

C x1

D x 0.5

So on Satterfeld they buy wood (Agricultural Goods) at 2 times their base value and Normal/Raw Minerals for (0.25) base multiplier. Hey look Medical supplies are at 1.75 multiplier. Setterfield is a desert mining world so these numbers make sense.


Trade Codes

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