The Mystery of Shasta Peak

Shasta Peak

150 thousand years ago the Shadows went to war with the Blue from another dimension. The Blue took the war right back to our reality and the war was fought on Yel’Clamac and the SHadows defeated the invading army with their strange inter dimension ships. Their exotic matter drives smashing into the mountain side.

Today the Talsorians are hunting all Shadow and T’kon tech and their search lead them here.

The election pair bonds where pushed into phase by the impact of the exotic matter, creating Lithium-k.

Marta was dispatched to investigate and she found the strange crystal growth but her crew was killed by the radiation as they tried to extract it.

The properties of the gems makes mutants. Maybe it a virulent histamine. An airborne attack from a certain plant. See unfucked animals that change to fucked animals on Shasta Mountain. Protoculture. A farmable, fissionable power source, but he can’t get it off the mountain. He is working on special lights. Huge Boar, Huge Bear, Huge and fucked ram, Killer birds. two headed coyotes.

He developed super mechs, some extra for epic mech battle. Mechs have computer targeting so they don’t have to look. He is a suit master,

When he can get the suits to work off the mountain, he will march into Revelation and take every fire gem for himself.

The consortium found the site and hired Black Zero to get the exotic matter. Marta holds the secret about how she found it, what it is, and how she is unaffected by the radiation. BZ is keeping her prisoner. She is helping with the extraction and may have gained some trust but this is what she does so she can betray people.

She will ask for help from the HR once they are alone. She is collared.

Radium X is in the hills, a result from that war so many years ago. It has a low fission point, good in medicine of the mind, lubricants, batteries. {extra capacity and bonus dice).

Use for cloning an bio technology as a stabilizer.

The Gr work in the mine but it is dangerous. They are mindless slaves with tendencies to violence. So the mine makes them violent and they are cast out to the mountain, used as a discouragement to outsiders, the vision of BZ scares them and they dont go back. It amuses him.

BZ used modded grievers to dig the ore and he sent the sick ones into the mountain to defend the site until their eventual death.

The Consortium will not grant a license to anyone going to Shasta Peak too dangerous. And if your out there without a licence you can be shot. Maybe or anyone can go.

Finding them on the mountain is a game of survival vs. Time, how long can they go out there for, lower survival rolls lower the time you can spend in the bush. Penalty on the first day reducing every day searching. Point where they will be starving on the way back.

After a Greiver fight, Marta crying from no where and directing, giving bonus dice if following. Hard perception roll to see.

The Mystery of Shasta Peak

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