The Black Hawk

Unfrozen from Carbonite, the Hellraisers discover a 150 yr old Romulan Prince. Li’Ru has been known by many names. The Vhorani’kai, the Black Hawk. He is sent when the gods have become dissatisfied with the Romulans and the Black Hawk is supposed to shake things up and get everyone on the right path.

Li’Ru was a Romulan born of Reman. If a Romulan infant were found in a slave pit the Romulan guards would have assumed that the baby was stolen and the mother killed which in turn would lead to many Reman killings in retaliation.

The baby was sent down a river to be found by a royal family who adopted the child as their own. As he grew he became more troublesome for the status quo who then tried to have him killed. With his adopted family wiped out a Reman slave who saw greatness in him, had him frozen in carbonite to be released when the time was right. Over the decades he eventually became lost.

Li’Ru now finds himself in the company of Remans again after he was freed by the Hellraisers. Memories from his old life, and the ability to telepatically speak with Remans have appeared.

The Black Hawk

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