Orion Esotera

-2 Friction when after “gifting” to Negotiator,
Substitute Haggle with Intimidate when dealing with a weaker Orion Tribe.
+1 x10 Gobble dice to use during Haggling at any time.
If you fail a Haggle, you gain insight on where to find that next Cargo. +2dice.

Bite Strike (1 point): If your strike occurs
before your opponent has had time to react, it
does an additional point of Killing damage.
Cross Block (2 points): If you combine a
Parry with your attack, you can spend all your
Gobble Dice to completely foil one attack
against you – even if it would normally be too
fast to block, and even if its dice are Higher
than your Gobble Dice.
Example: Ratso uses Cross Block. His Parry pool is 6d,
as is his Dagger pool. Since he has to make
an attack in order to use Cross Block, he rolls
5d. He only gets one set, a 2×3. His opponent
attacks him with a 3×10. Ratso decides to
blow all his Gobble Dice to block it – even
though they’d normally be worthless against
tens. Note that he got to use this technique
even though his attack failed.
Weaving Dodge (3 points): If you
combine a Dodge with your attack, you gain
AR2 to your arms and legs. This effect kicks
in after your fi rst action for the round and
lasts as long as you use Weaving Dodge. (That
is, if you declare that you’re going to use it
again, it’s still ‘on’ even before you act for the
second time.)
Venom Blade (4 points): You may ignore
three points of armor while attacking. The
source of the armor does not matter.
Lockjaw (5 points): Instead of pulling the
knife free after striking, this is a technique for
leaving it in the same place while digging and
twisting to worsen the wound. It works like
Venom Blade, but you can only attack once
while using Lockjaw. (You may, however, use
Lockjaw as a multiple action with non-attack
actions.) If you hit, during the Declare phase
of the next round you may forego making an
attack roll and simply use your previous result
again. (If you use a multiple action with the
continued Lockjaw attack, roll that pool with
any appropriate penalties.)
Because you’re keeping the dagger inserted,
the normal timing penalties to parrying
or dodging it don’t apply. Someone whose
Gobble Dice would normally be too slow
can use them to get free of the technique.
However, by defi nition this only happens once
it’s done its damage.
Example: Ratso uses Lockjaw and rolls his 6d Dagger
pool. He hits his opponent with a 3×4,
stabbing him in the arm. He ignores his
opponent’s 3 points of armor and does 3
points of Killing damage to the arm.
The next round, Ratso is going to continue
his Lockjaw attack. In addition, he’s going to
make a multiple action to parry with his free
dagger. Ratso rolls 5d (his 6d Parry pool with
the normal multiple action penalty) and gets
a 3×2. His Lockjaw attack is automatically 3×4
– even though he didn’t have 6d in his pool,
his old rolls stays. His opponent rolls to dodge
but only gets a 2×8 – it’s too slow to keep
the Lockjaw from taking effect. On his action,
he uses the two Gobble Dice to get himself
unstuck and stagger away.

Beauty (1,3 or 5): You’re gorgeous.

In game terms, any time you roll a low
success with your Fascinate or Graces Skills,
there’s a minimum Height to your set. If you
roll under it, your Beauty raises it. The new
level depends on how much you spend on
your Beauty Advantage.

Minimum Success

Background: Merchant Family (3)
You spent most of your formative years
around powerful trading costers and craft
guilds. You come from a family that
excels at trade and knows the value of
hard work. Choose a medium (e.g.
stonework, carpentry, gems etc).
You gain a bonus Expert Die on
Scrutinize tests to appraise and
Manipulation tests to haggle for the
chosen medium.

Orion Esotera

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