Niic IV
Trade Profile: DDDABBB B(A)
Friction: 3
Stability Index: 3

Atmospheric Density: Inert Gas
General Climate: Warm Temperate
Gravity: 1.1G
Satellites: 0
Pop 345, 000 (Terran, Vulcan, Trill)
Government: The Revok Expedition

1 Foodstuffs and Agricultural Goods
2 Normal Minerals & Raw Materials
3 Radioactives and Special Minerals (dilithuim crystals, special allows, radioactives)
4-5 Drugs and Medical Agents (drugs herbs rare plants)
6 Low Tech Manufactured Goods (Bades, basic tools, natural textiles)
7-8 Medium-Technology (Firearms, machine tools, plastics.
8-9 Manufactured Goods
9-10 High Tech and Mechanical Goods (energy weapons. Spacecraft, computers)

The Revok Expidition only began here about a decade ago and already its population has grown to almost 350 000 people. Many are devoted Zaininites but others come seeking the secrets of the T’Kon and their Psitech. The Oracles of the Church of Zain’n are positive there is a large stash of T’kon psitech stashed on this planet. But as of today no find has been made, or at least announced.

Although the planets climate is temperate the lack of atmosphere has left the surface a sandy rocky wasteland. Inside the Revok bubble cities life flourishes within their controlled environment.

Revok controls the mining and distribution of air. Private air holdings and production are strictly prohibited.



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