Where the PCs and Strausser fight on the Bridge for control of the ship


Navigator wants to kill Freedom Reign
First Officer career is going nowhere. The ships record is unremarkable and the war may almost be over! Strausser has so many contacts he would have to be caught red handed in Treason to be removed….the you would be captain, and things would change. Strausser is killed for no reason it makes you look too ambitous and puts a huge target on your back from officers and crewman alike.,
Sensor Tech wants Straussers Gold.
Engineer wants to see Strausser Die.
Security is in on Straussers deal, but he is taking 40 share.

Good 1: PCs

Good 2: Sector 31

Bad 1: Strausser

Bad 2: Strausser partners in it for the money

Act 1:

he ship comes into a system and blows up a whole bunch of Barrick transports , not hitting their cargo bayss. And then leaves to drop off supplies to the Chorus as payment.

PCs are on a supply run to Meadow Fleet Commanders complains they had it bad with the HellRangers but now the Chorus Certainty have been hitting them too since a misunderstaning at one of their temple Cities. Strausser was to be targeting them but thier intel tells them he ship and the Chorus have been in the same system 4 times, not once did they engage. He has the sensor logs to prove it from the system sentinal stations.

Act 2;

First officer tasks PCs with checking the logs …..causes some shit. Finds code in sensors that automatically blocks FR ships. A traitor.


secrets dont stay secrets long on this ship time to move. Go to the bridge shut off the cloaking see who the traitor is. Strausser makes a look Diff 6, and science officer hits a switch diff 4, and long range sensors are blown.

Anyone who questions his orders he turns it back into a mutiny , a desire for power.

Epilouge: The original guy was an undercover Hellraiser trying to learn the connection between FR and the Empire. They also used the deal to set up an ambush.


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