Klingon Esotera

You may use Body to Dodge a physical attack from an opponent with a Body equal to or less than yours.
+1 Width for Initiative rolls
Enable a Skill to Do Something New
Ignore All Difficulty in Broad
Drastically Reduce Damage From a Moderately Broad Source

Cleansing Respiration (1 Point): Once
per day, you can make a Body+Vigor roll to
regain Shock damage, even if you didn’t get a
good night’s sleep.
Stretch of the Wakening Cat (2 Points):
If you perform this series of postures in the
morning, you heal a point of Shock damage.
You get this regardless of whether you failed
or succeeded at a daily Body+Vigor roll.
Blossom Exhalation (3 Points): You can
use your Vigor Skill instead of Endurance to
continue performing an effortful task. You
still have to use Endurance to resist torture.
Invigorating Stance (4 Points): When
you master this technique, you can ignore all
Diffi culties to your Vigor rolls when dealing
with illness or poison.
Supple Power (5 Points): Once per day,
you can add your Vigor Skill to your Athletics
Skill for one action. Doing so puts a point of
Shock damage on your torso.
Example: Rewis has Body 2, Vigor 5 and Athletics 2. A
heavy cart has tipped over on his friend, and
a 4d Athletics pool isn’t much for this task, so
he uses Supple Power for a burst of strength.
Adding his Vigor 5 to that 4d pool gives him a
hefty 9d to shift the cart.
Supple Power cannot be used in combat.

Background: Noble Family (3)
Your family was one amongst the
aristocracy and you learned how to
behave as a lordling should.
You gain a bonus Expert Die on
Leadership tests to inspire and command
and on Social tests in situations where
etiquette is required.

Background: Foehunter (3)
Your people found themselves under
constant attacks and raids from evil
races. Subsequently, you have learned
quite a lot about them.
Choose a race: you gain a bonus Expert
Die on any combat or tactics tests
relating to that race.

Weapon Focus (3)
You have trained extensively with a
particular weapon. Choose a specific
weapon that you have a Skill of 3 or
more in, such as Longsword (which is a
type of one handed sword) or Falchion
(which is a type of two handed sword):
whenever you use that weapon, you gain
an Expert Die.

Klingon Esotera

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