Gorn Esotera

Gorn freak other speices out, the feeling is somewhat mutual only thing Gorn are bigger.
1. +2 H on Intimidate tests where opponent is surprised by the Gorn.
2. +2d Bonus to intimidate after dispatching a foe. .
3. Opponents must make a moral check against Body stat when Gorn preforms a Threat Display
4. +Body Width to result of Moral check against Mooks.
5. Unlimited Squishing

Iron Parry (1 point): When you produce
Gobble Dice with a Parry success, the Width
of your narrowest Parry set is increased by 1.
This can be used as part of a multiple action.
The Superior Interception (2 points):
You can add Parry Gobble Dice together to
form a single die equal to the total Heights of
the dice combined. You may apply this against
any attack that’s equal to or less than this
combined Height, even if that attack is timed
to occur before your Parry. This may be used
as part of a multiple action.
Example: Lilith uses The Superior Interception on a
swaggering pirate as he lunges at her with his
cutlass. She gets a 3×2 result, while he gets a
2×5. Normally, her three Gobble Dice would
be useless, since they’re lower than his attack
dice. But she can combine them into a single
Gobble 6 die, counteract one of his fi ves, and
foil his attack. If she’d rolled 3×1 or even 4×1,
she wouldn’t be able to stop him. But if she
rolled 2×4, she could combine those two dice
into one Gobble 8, which she could use at
will. Alternately, if she rolled a 2×1 and a 2×2,
she couldn’t combine all four of those low-
Height dice into a single Gobble 6 – unless
she’d declared she was making two Parries
and had taken the appropriate penalty.
Resounding Defl ection (3 points): You
block with such force that anyone to whom
you apply a Gobble Die takes a point of Shock
damage to the limb that holds the weapon.
(Armor protects against this Shock as usual.)
You can use this as a multiple action, but only
if you do not combine it with an attack. You
do not take the usual multiple action penalties
for additional Parry actions with Resounding
Defl ection.
The Hidden Shell (4 points): This cannot
be used in a multiple action. If you roll even
a single set parrying, you get AR2 protection
on every hit location. This is in addition to any
other armor you’re wearing. You also get the
roll’s Gobble Dice to use. The armor effect
begins before any attacks are resolved.
The Secret Block (5 points): As with
Resounding Defl ection, only the Secret Block
can be combined with attacks. Furthermore,
anyone to whom you apply a Gobble Die is
disarmed, in addition to taking damage. Treat
this like using the Disarm maneuver on page
209, and getting a 2x success.

Time an Effect as if It Had +1W
Ignore a Minor Penalty
Combine Skills in Narrow
Receive an Outcome Bonus Equal to a
Very High Improvement to Baseline Ability

Cannibal Smile (1): For some reason, you
have strong jaws and sharp teeth. By making
a successful Body+Fight roll, you can bite
someone for Width Shock damage, 1 Killing
damage. Furthermore, you can add 1d to
your Intimidate pool when you’re trying to
scare someone who knows you’re a biter.

Background: Ss’ikk Sil’urk (3)
ED to charge attack

Gorn Esotera

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