Fire Arms

Firearm Damage: [Weapon Damage] x[Damage Modifier] + ACV

Damage Modifier = 1 plus a modifer from 0 to 4, determined during combat

Phase Pistol :

The phase pistol was a type of phase-modulated energy weapon, a personal sidearm characterized by a
focused energy discharge in the form of a beam or steady stream. It was introduced in 2151 for use
aboard Terran Starfleet vessels.
Unlike the EM-33, which required the user to compensate for particle drift, the phase pistol was a
simple point-and-shoot weapon, making hitting a desired target faster and easier.
The effects of a phase pistol hit also differed from those experienced with other weapons of that era.
22nd century Suliban and Coridan weapons inflicted identifiable wounds, tearing through clothing and
into the victim’s flesh. The phase pistol, however, produced an injury more comparable to an electric
shock, capable of causing severe injury without breaking the skin.
In addition to use as a weapon, the phase pistol was also utilized as a cutting tool, capable of slicing
through solid rock, a tree trunk, or producing a heat ray.
Phase pistols could also be used as explosives when set to overload; the subsequent explosion causing severe damage in a larger area.

Dam: 3
Charges: 2 / round
Cut 1m hole in 10 cm of steel in 30 seconds

Dam: 6, 4 pen, +3 damage
Charges: 5
Overload 60 damage -20 damage every 5 meters.
100 charges

Disruptor Pistol:
A disruptor pistol was a type of hand-held energy weapon, commonly used by the Klingons and
Romulans. Although they are considered brutish weapons by the Terrans, disruptor pistols are known to
be durable and cheaper to maintain then the Phase pistol.
Disruptors load power pack “clips” with 10 charges each.

Klingon Disruptor: 7, +5 damage
Romulan Disruptor 7, 4 pen
Overload 10 damage per charge. Range is Meters per charge.
10 charges per clip.

EM- 33

450cr NNA

The Earth Military Pistol or EM-33 was a standard issue EM weapon used by Starfleet officers, as well
as civilian starship personnel alike during the 2150s and ‘60s.
While most Starfleet officers had only received training in the use of EM weapons, by 2151, the EM-33
fell out of use aboard Starfleet vessels in favor of the phase pistol.
One of the disadvantages of the EM-33 was the need to compensate for particle drift, making the
transition to the next generation, point-and-shoot phased pulse weapons difficult for some Starfleet
This model remained in use aboard Earth Cargo Authority vessels.
Plasma-based hand weapon in use by Earth’s Starfleet in the mid-22nd century until its replacement by
the Phase Pistol. Also used by civilian starship crewmen for personal defense.
The EM-33 creates a magnetic pocket inside which is a lot of hot, ionized gas. However, this plasma
still obeys Newtonian physics and drifts behind the magnetic packet, and thus the plasma ends up
denser towards the back of the actual bolt. The actual smack of a plasma pulse weapon would hit a little
after the actual bolt does, making hitting a moving target a little more complicated."


Single Fire :
Dam: 6, 4pen, +5 damage
Charges: 1

Auto Fire:
Damage: 5, +3 damage, extra success indicates an extra hit. Only 3 shots max. may hit. ACV damage is
added to first shot only, bonus +3 is added to all shots.
Charges: 2

Critical: Plasma

40 shots fully charged.

Laser Pistol Mk2
A laser pistol, or hand laser, was a directed-energy weapon utilized by the Klingon Empire and Starfleet
in the 2250s and the 2260s. Designed with multiple power settings, the laser pistol was also capable of
being set to overload, resulting in a forced chamber explosion. These weapons were considered “oldstyle”
by the end of the 2260s.
As with the Mark-1 variant, there are at least two rotating wheels on the barrel, controlling beam power
and intensity. The forward one appears to rotate the whole muzzle assembly, giving a choice of three
barrels – the longest one (chosen by rotating in an anti-clockwise direction as you hold it) seems to be
the highest power. Fires a red-orange beam.


Damage: 5
Charges: 3 charges a round
Cut 1m hole in 10 cm of steel in 3 minutes

Low Setting:
Damage: 6, 4pen
Charges: 5

High Setting:
Damage: 6, 8pen, +4 damage
Charges: 10

Critical: Laser

Vortex Gun (Stunner):

Vortex guns are capable of firing doughnut-shaped rings of air. Vulcan labs added an extra kick with
electrically charged rings that could deliver clingy shots of tear gas, weaponized chloroform or other

Damage is by chemical agent.

Weaponized Chloroform: Shock Save. Different grades may apply negative

Tear Gas: Body Save or be at -4 to all physical tasks.

Pepper Spray: -2 all physical tasks.

6 charges per cylinder.

MK-33 and MK-34 Centurion were projectile weapons used in the 21st century. Easy to maintain,
they are commonly found on fringe worlds where power sources or advanced tools are scarce.

Damage 5
12 round clip.

MK-33 Centurion
Damage 5, +2 damage
10 round clip/

Andorian Musket
Damage 6, +3 damage
Critical: 2
Double Damage
5 round clip


Damage 5, +4
Three round burst:
-2 dice to hit
Each success counts as a hit, maximum of three.
Full Auto:
Every success is 3 hits
-6 dice to hit
Damage: 24
Critical: 2
Double Damage.
30 round clip
Long Rifle
Damage 6, pen 4, +6 damage
+2 Dice aiming at Med to Long Range
1 shot every two rounds
Critical: 2
Double Damage
8 shots

Fire Arms

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