DragonRein CC

Beginning Stats:


5 15 Statistic Points
4 14 Statistic Points
3 12 Statistic Points
2 10 Statistic Points
1 8 Statistic Points
0 6 Statistic Point

Statistic points may be used to raise stats. During character creation maximum statistic is (4 + Species Bonus). In game the maximum statistic is 6 [5 + Species Bonus].

5 Vulcan/ Half Vulcan, Gorn, Joined Trill Eldar
4 Klingon, Andorian, Joined Trill Advisor
3 Joined Trill Esquire, Orion
2 Trill, Bolian
1 Tellarite
0 Terran

5 13 Skill Points/15 Esoteric
4 11 Skill Points/15 Esoteric
3 9 Skill Points/10 Esoteric
2 7 Skill Points/10 Esoteric
1 5 Skill Points/5 Esoteric
0 3 Skill Points/5 Esoteric

Chose a Background:

Barbarian, born of a primitive world [Survive-0, Notice-0, Any Combat-0]

Clergy, a consecrated man or woman [Talk-0, Perform-0, Know-0]

Courtesan, trading on pleasurable company [Perform-0, Notice-0, Connect-0]

Criminal. thief, rogue, liar, or worse [Connect-0, Sneak-0, Talk-0]

Dilettante, with money if not purpose [Connect-0. Know-0, Talk-0]

Entertainer, artful and beguiling [Perform-0, Talk-0, Connect-0]

Merchant, whether peddler or far trader [Trade-0, Talk-0, Connect-0]

Noble, by blood or by social capital [Lead-0, Connect-0, Administer-0]

Official, a functionary of some greater state [Administer-0, Talk-0, Connect-0]

Peasant, whether primitive or high-tech [Exert-0, Sneak-0, Survive-0]

Physician, a healer of the sick and maimed [Heal-0, Know-0, Notice-0]

Pilot, or rider, or sailor, or vehicle-driver [Pilot-0, Fix-0, Shoot or Trade-0]

Politician, aspiring to leadership and control [Talk-0, Lead-0, Connect-0]

Scholar, a scientist or academic [Know-0, Administer-0, Connect-0]

Soldier, whether mercenary or conscript [Any Combat-0, Exert-0, Survive-0]

Spacer, dwelling in the deep-space habs [Fix-0, Pilot-0, Program-0]

Technician, artisan, engineer, or builder [Fix-0, Notice-0, Exert-0]

Thug, ruffian, or strong arm of the people [Combat-0, Talk-0, Connect-0]

Vagabond, roaming without a home [Notice-0, Sneak-0, Survive-0]

Worker, a cube drone or day laborer [Connect-0, Exert-0, Work-0]

Chose a Class:

You may have two levels in a Class. In order to get level two you must have level one of that class.

1. +2 Initiative
2. Make one miss a hit per hour, or One hit against you a miss.

1. +1 Width in knowledge skill, +3 skill points
2. +3 Expert dice, may stack two Expert dice on one skill

1. You may have one Psychic skill. Vulcans must take “Vulcan Telepathy”.
2. You may have two Psychic skills and may learn more.

Chose a Foci:

You are keenly aware of your surroundings and virtually
impossible to take unaware. You have an instinctive
alacrity of response that helps you act before less wary
persons can think to move.
Level 1: Gain Notice as a bonus skill. Surprise attacks against
you fail unless they are higher then Threshold 6. You gain a +6 initiatve
bonus to react when Surprise attacks succeed on you.
Level 2: You may convert one die to a Master die for use when looking for an
ambush. Always go last during Declare Phase of combat. If another participant has Alert
they compare Initiative.

You have an unusual competence with thrown weapons
and melee attacks. This focus’ benefits do not apply
to unarmed attacks or projectile weapons. For thrown
weapons, you can’t use the benefits of the Armsman
focus at the same time as Gunslinger.
Level 1: Gain Stab as a bonus skill. +3 Initiative when you draw or
sheath a Stowed melee or thrown weapon.
+1W to a melee or thrown weapon’s damage or Shock
Level 2: Your melee and thrown weapons count as TL4
weapons for the purpose of overcoming advanced
armors. Your precise attacks are treated as Penetration 2.
This Penetration bonus doesn’t apply to thrown weapons or unarmed attacks.

You are practiced at sudden murder, and have certain
advantages in carrying out a surprise attack as described
in the rules on page XX
Level 1: Gain Sneak as a bonus skill. You can conceal an
object no larger than a knife or pistol from anything
less invasive than a strip search, including
normal TL4 passive weapon detectors. You gain +3
initiative when you draw or produce this object in combat,
You gain a Master Dice with your point blank ranged attacks when
you successfully sneak up on your opponent.
Level 2: You can take a Move action on the same round
as you make an assassination attempt, closing rapidly with a target before you attack. You may combine this move with a Sneak roll. You do not lose a die for multiple actions. You may convert a die to a Master Die for use with this action.

You have an uncanny kind of charisma about you, one
that makes others instinctively follow your instructions
and further your causes. At level 1, this is a knack of
charm and personal magnetism, while level 2 might
suggest latent telepathic influence or transhuman memetic
hacking augmentations. Where this focus refers
to followers, it means NPCs who have voluntarily chosen
to be in your service. PCs never count as followers.
Level 1: Gain Lead as a bonus skill. Once per day, you
can make a request from an NPC who is not openly
hostile to you, rolling a Cha/Lead skill check at
a difficulty of the NPC’s Morale score. If you succeed,
they will comply with the request, provided
it is not harmful or extremely uncharacteristic.
Level 2: Those who follow you are fired with confidence.
All NPCs that you lead have you leadership skill added to their
Threat Level against Morale Attacks. Mooks under your command
gain +1W to execute your orders. Followers will not act against your
interests unless under extreme pressure.

Close Combat:
You’ve had all too much practice at close-in fighting
and desperate struggles with pistol or blade. You’re
extremely skilled at avoiding injury in melee combat,
and at level 2 you can dodge through a melee scrum
without fear of being knifed in passing.
Level 1: Gain any combat skill as a bonus skill. You can
use pistol-sized ranged weapons in melee without
suffering penalties for the proximity of melee
attackers. You gain Natural +2 Light Armour
Level 2: Your melee attacks are Penetration 2 vs Light Armors.
+3 initiative in Melee Combat.

You’re remarkably gifted at making friends and forging
ties with the people around you. Wherever you go, you
always seem to know somebody useful to your ends.
Level 1: Gain Connect as a bonus skill. If you’ve spent
at least a week in a not-entirely-hostile location,
you’ll have built a web of contacts willing to do
favors for you that are no more than mildly illegal.
You can call on one favor per game day and the
GM decides how far they’ll go for you.
Level 2: As above. Once per game session, if it’s not
entirely implausible, you meet someone you know
who is willing to do modest favors for you. You
can decide when and where you want to meet
this person, but the GM decides who they are and
what they can do for you.

Die Hard
You are surprisingly hard to kill. You can survive injuries
or bear up under stresses that would incapacitate a
less determined hero.
Level 1: You gain an extra 2 maximum hit points to each location
. This bonus applies retroactively if you take
this focus as your character grows. You automatically stabilize
if mortally wounded by anything smaller than
a Heavy weapon.
Level 2: The first time each day that you are reduced to
zero hit points by an injury, you instead survive
with one hit point remaining. This ability can’t
save you from Heavy weapons or similar trauma.

You know how to get your way in personal negotiations,
and can manipulate the attitudes of those around
you. Even so, while smooth words are versatile, they’ll
only work if your interlocutor is actually willing to
listen to you.
Level 1: You speak all the languages common to the Triangle
and can learn new ones to a workable level in
a week, becoming fluent in a month. You may purchase a Master
Dice for use on any skill check related to negotiation or diplomacy
(Expert Dice and Master Dice cannot be used together).
Level 2: Once per game session, shift an intelligent
NPC’s reaction roll one step closer to friendly if
you can talk to them for at least thirty seconds.

You have a gift with a gun. While this talent most commonly
applies to slugthrowers or energy weapons, it
is also applicable to thrown weapons, bows, or other
ranged weapons that can be used with the Shoot skill.
For thrown weapons, you can’t use the benefits of the
Armsman focus at the same time as Gunslinger.
Level 1: Gain Shoot as a bonus skill. When you can draw or
holster a Stowed ranged weapon you gain +3 initiative.
You ignore the -2 die off hand penalty (but still have the -1 die penalty for two actions in combat).
Level 2: Increase your initiative Threshold by 1 when using a Pistol class weapon.
Reduce the difficulty of shooting past armor by 2.

You have a remarkable fluency with digital security
measures and standard encryption methods. You know
how to make computerized systems obey you until
their automatic failsafes come down on your control.
Level 1: Gain Program as a bonus skill. When attempting
to hack a database or computerized system,
reroll waste dice.
Level 2: Your hack duration increases from 1d4 plus
your Program skill in rounds to that many minutes.
You have an instinctive understanding of the
tech; you never need to learn the data protocols
for a strange system and are always treated as familiar
with it.

Healing comes naturally to you, and you’re particularly
gifted at preventing the quick bleed-out of wounded
allies and comrades.
Level 1: Gain Heal as a bonus skill. You may attempt to
stabilize one adjacent person per round as an On
Turn action. When rolling Heal skill checks, roll
3d6 and drop the lowest die.
Level 2: Stims or other technological healing devices
applied by you heal twice as many hit points as
normal. Using only basic medical supplies, you
can heal 1d6+Heal skill hit points of damage to
every injured or wounded person in your group
with ten minutes of first aid spread among them.
Such healing can be applied to a given target only
once per day.

You have an distinct knack for picking up lost souls
who willingly do your bidding. You might induce them
with promises of money, power, excitement, sex, or
some other prize that you may or may not eventually
grant. A henchman obtained with this focus will serve
in loyal fashion until clearly betrayed or placed in unacceptable
danger. Henchmen are never “important” people
in their society, and are usually marginal sorts, outcasts,
the desperate, or other persons with few options.
You can use more conventional pay or inducements
to acquire additional henchmen, but these extra
hirelings are no more loyal or competent than your pay
and treatment can purchase.
Level 1: You can acquire henchmen within 24 hours
of arriving in a community, assuming anyone is
suitable hench material. These henchmen will not
fight except to save their own lives, but will escort
you on adventures and risk great danger to help
you. Most henchmen will be treated as Normal
Humans from the Xenobestiary section of the
book. You can have one henchmen at a time for
every three character levels you have, rounded up.
You can release henchmen with no hard feelings
at any plausible time and pick them back up later
should you be without a current henchman.
Level 2: Your henchmen are remarkably loyal and
determined, and will fight for you against anything
but clearly overwhelming odds. Whether
through natural competence or their devotion to
you, they’re treated as Normal Soldiers or Skilled
Workers from the Xenobestiary section.
24• Running Head

Whether through uncanny reflexes, remarkable luck,
gengineered skin fibers, or subtle telekinetic shielding,
you have natural defenses equivalent to high-quality
combat armor. The benefits of this focus don’t stack
with armor, though Dexterity modifiers still apply.
Level 1: You have an innate armor class of 15 plus half
your character level, rounded up.
Level 2: Your abilities are so effective that they render
you immune to unarmed attacks or primitive melee
weapons as if you wore powered armor.

Psychic Training
You’ve had special training in a particular psychic discipline.
You must be a Psychic or have taken the Partial
Psychic class option as an Adventurer to pick this focus.
In the latter case, you can only take training in the discipline
you initially chose as a Partial Psychic. As with
most foci, this focus can be taken only once.
Level 1: Gain any psychic skill as a bonus. If this improves
it to level-1 proficiency, choose a free level-
1 technique from that discipline. Your maximum
Effort increases by one.
Level 2: When you advance a level, the bonus psychic
skill you chose automatically gets one skill point
put toward increasing it or purchasing a technique
from it. You may save these points for later,
if more are required to raise the skill or buy a
particular technique. These points are awarded
retroactively if you take this focus level later in
the game.

You are an expert at placing a bullet or beam on an
unsuspecting target. These special benefits only apply
when making a surprise attack, as described on page
Level 1: Gain Shoot as a bonus skill. When making a
surprise attack skill check with firearms or bows,
re-roll waste dice.
Level 2: A target hit by your sniping attempt takes a -2 dice
penalty on the Physical saving throw to avoid immediate
mortal injury. When making a surprise
attack skill check with firearms or bows, reroll waste dice, then squash by one.

You are remarkably talented at a particular skill. Whether
a marvelous cat burglar, a world-famous athlete, a
brilliant engineer, or some other savant, your expertise
is extremely reliable. You may take this focus more than
once for different skills.
Level 1: Gain a non-combat, non-psychic skill as a bonus.
You may Squash your sets by one with this skill..
Level 2: You may squash your results by 2 with this skill. For 5
Experience or Build points you may convert an Expert die to a Master Dice. You may only do this for one skill. (You must chose to Squash, use Expert Dice, or a Master Dice before a roll).

Star Captain
You have a tremendous natural talent for ship combat,
and can make any starship you captain a significantly
more fearsome opponent. You must take the captain’s
role during a fight as described on page XX of the Ship
Combat rules in order to benefit from this focus.
Level 1: Gain Lead as a bonus skill. Your ship gains 2
extra Command Points at the start of each turn.
Level 2: A ship you captain gains bonus hit points equal
to 20% of its maximum at the start of each combat.
Damage is taken from these bonus points first,
and they vanish at the end of the fight and do not
require repairs to replenish before the next. In addition,
once per engagement, you may resolve a
Crisis as an Instant action by explaining how your
leadership resolves the problem.

You are an expert in the plotting and execution of interstellar
spike drills. While most experienced pilots can
manage conventional drills along well-charted spike
routes, you have the knack for forging new drill paths
and cutting courses too dangerous for lesser navigators.
Level 1: Gain Pilot as a bonus skill. You automatically
succeed at all spike drill-related skill checks of difficulty
5 or less.
Level 2: Double your Pilot skill for all spike drill-related
skill checks. Spike drives of ships you navigate
are treated as one level higher; thus, a warp-1 is
treated as a warp-2, up to a maximum of drive-5.
Spike drills you personally oversee take only half
the time they would otherwise require.

You have a natural knack for modifying and improving
equipment, as given in the rules on page XX.
Level 1: Gain Fix as a bonus skill. Your Maintenance
score is doubled, allowing you to maintain twice
as many mods. Mods cost only half their usual
price in credits, though pretech salvage requirements
remain the same.
Level 2: Your Fix skill is treated as one level higher for
purposes of building and maintaining mods and
calculating your Maintenance score. Advanced
mods require one fewer pretech salvage part to
make, down to a minimum of zero.

Your hero gets around. As part of a life on the road,
they’ve mastered a number of tricks for ensuring their
mobility and surviving the inevitable difficulties of a
vagabond existence.
Level 1: Gain Survive as a bonus skill. You can convey
basic ideas in all the common languages of the
sector. You can always find free transport to a desired
destination for yourself and a small group of
your friends provided any traffic goes to the place.
Finding this transport takes no more than an hour,
but it may not be a strictly legitimate means of
travel and may require working passage.
Level 2: You can forge, scrounge, or snag travel papers
and identification for the party with 1d6 hours
of work. These papers and permits will stand up
to ordinary scrutiny, but require an opposed Int/
Administer versus Wis/Notice check if examined
by an official while the PC is actually wanted by
the state for some crime. When finding transport
for the party, the transportation always makes the
trip at least as fast as a dedicated charter would.

Terrans are notoriously violent and duplicitous.


Trill 1

+1 Mind
+1 Command
-2 dice to save from insect venom

Joined Trill [2,3,4]
Joined Trill get as many Drama Points as their level Young 1, Mature 2, or Eldar 3. Drama points are restored after each adventure and can be spent accordingly. Drama points may be spent as long as the PC has an accompanying story to explain how he came by this knowledge. Trill symbiots value vivid experiences and so Drama Point must represent a significant event in a past life (Winning an contest, learning to dance for a daughters wedding etc.).

One Drama Point:




2 Drama Points

Total Recal

Skills from past lives are recorded a host may only have five recallable skills.

A wealthy advanced culture.


Body +1
+2d Endurance
+2 dice Resist radiation (minimum height 3)
ignore 1 Kill or 1 Shock per game session and add +1 die to Recovery Rolls.

Female Green Orion Empath
+1 Body
Resist radiation
+1d Recovery Rolls

Seduction Esotera:

1) +2d bonus when skin to skin contact is made for a few minutes.

2) +1 Width

3) All successful rolls are minimum Height 5.

4) Target is infatuated with Empath and may make [Width] requests of the target.
Requests against the Targets nature get Mind save vs. the Height of the roll.

5) After a successful Seduction roll the Empath may convert a Negotiation die to a Master die one time against the target.

Seduction Phermones: Female Orion Empath Phermones make the act of Seduction easier as well as open up the victim to the seductresses control. The pheromones can be applied when the Empath is close (defender gets +2 dice to resist) but skin to skin contact is preferable. After a few minutes of exposure all successful Seduction rolls against that target have a minimum height of 5. If she exposes the target for few hours she may make a number of requests of the target equal to the Width of the role. The target is infatuated with the woman and will do anything within reason to serve that infatuation. If the Empath can convince the target she is in physical danger the target may follow unreasonable commands but gets a Mind save before doing so.

Target can roll Gobble dice when asked to do something inappropriate.

Clannish Nomadic Species



Tellarites were a stout humanoid species with distinctive snouts. They wore beards and their hands were sometimes hoof-like in appearance. Their lower jaw possessed a pair of small tusks.

Tellarites were known to be an impatient people. (ENT: “United”) They were also known for their “stubborn pride.” (ENT: “The Forge”) They had a propensity toward strong emotion. However, they enjoyed a good argument, and they even considered it (presumably in the form of debate) a sport on Tellar. (ENT: “Bounty”) Tellarites often began an interaction with a series of complaints; this was how they started arguments with someone they had recently met. If they had nothing to complain about, they would simply insult the person. Because of their ability to argue, Tellarites made excellent politicians.

Tellarites sometimes took mud baths.

Low Light Vision

-1d to ranged sight checks
Annoying species…Tellerites open a conversation with an insult.


+2 Body
+35 % to Body Chart (base damage excluded)
+3 Health Torso
+2 Health Arms, Legs, Head
+1K in HtH (Claws extended)
-2d Cold Environment Penalty
Reach: 1

Cannot be understood without voice device
Tribal Society

War Brave

+1 Body
+25 % to Body Chart (base damage excluded)
+2 Health Boxes all locations2
5 LAR Head
-1d Cold Environment Penalty[-1]

Code of Honor[-1]
Caste Society

Klingon Military

LAR Armor 2
+2 Dice Notice , Antennae (Sound, Movement, Smell)
+1 Coordination

-1d Endurance Checks


+1 Body
+25 % to Body Chart (base damage excluded)
+2 dice to detect Lie
+2 dice to tell a Lie.

Indomitable (1 point advantage)
Romulan can use a limb filled with Killing by adding a point of Killng to the torso. He may use his head or limb filled with stun by turning one stun over to killing.

Romulans are viewed as Speciest Zealots bent on galactic domination. But I hear some are nice people.


+2 Mind
+50 % to Body Chart (base damage excluded)
+2d Hearing and Sight Tests
+1 H to Body Tests
+1S to Hand to Hand
Go without food or water for 10 days
Second Eyelid protects eye from damage
Breathe Thin Atmosphere without penalty.

6 Vulcan Telepathy :
gives Psi Stat: (Command + Self) /2
Tal-For-Pan [Vulcan Telepathy Skill] Level 1
Touch Telepathy:
Mind Control [diff 6], Mind Scan [diff 4], Compulsion diff 4, Share Thoughts [diff 2]. Short Range Contact (multiple action)[diff 2] (telepathy)
Waste dice below diff is stun damage

Restriction: Violence
Logic Philosophy

Half-Vulcan [-8]: Half- Vulcans earn “Failed Notches” towards Madness when any telepathic contact has failed or a suitibly stressful situation. A stability roll is made [diff=Intensity] to determine if a Notch is applied. 5 Notches indicate Madness. May recover Notches by meditation and spending experience.



Typically Bolians were gregarious, hardworking, and meticulous. They enjoyed cooperation and work group dynamics. However, you can always count on a Bolian—their selflessness is legendary.

+1 Charm
+1 Width to all First Aid/ Medical healing rolls.
+2d resist toxins
Can consume any organic matter.

Bolian Teamster
Work, Lead, Connect

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