Ambidextrous (5)
You may use your off-hand equal as well
as your primary hand (off-hand penalty
is reduce to 0).
Armour Proficiency (Varies)
You have extensively trained in wearing
armours of varies encumbrance. The
more points invested in this advantage,
the more training you have received.
You may reduce your current
encumbrance by 1 for every 2 points of
Armour Proficiency. You may not reduce
your encumbrance by more than half
(rounding up).
E.g. Frederico has trained since he was a
“wee bairn” in wearing huge plates of
metal (his mother was VERY
overprotective). He has 10 pts of Armour
Proficiency. He may ignore up to 5 points
of encumbrance.
If he had 5 points of encumbrance, he
could only reduce this down to 3 (half 5,
rounding up).
Background: Arcane Schooling (3)
Your upbringing put you in touch with
the arcane everyday or maybe you come
from a homeland where magic is
Regardless, you gain a bonus Expert Die
on any Sorcery test.
Background: Artist (3)
You come from a culture where the arts,
philosophy and music have a prominent
place in society.
Choose a Perform or Craft skill: you gain
a bonus Expert Die when undertaking
your chosen medium.
Background: Blooded (3)
You know what it is to fight for your life
and the value of quick wits and quicker
reactions when blades are bared and
deadly spells chanted.
You gain a bonus Expert Die on Initiative
Background: Cosmopolitan (3)
You were exposed to a great many
cultures during your childhood and are
accustomed to dealing with strangers
and foreigners without needing to draw
weapons to make their point.
You gain a bonus Expert Die on Social
tests when being diplomatic or reading
people’s emotions.

Background: Foehunter (3)
Your people found themselves under
constant attacks and raids from evil
races. Subsequently, you have learned
quite a lot about them.
Choose a race: you gain a bonus Expert
Die on any combat or tactics tests
relating to that race.

Background: Horse Nomad (3)
Your people were born on horseback and
that’s where you’ve spent most of your
life. You gain a bonus Expert Die on any
Ride or attack test when mounted.

Background: Merchant Family (3)
You spent most of your formative years
around powerful trading costers and craft
guilds. You come from a family that
excels at trade and knows the value of
hard work. Choose a medium (e.g.
stonework, carpentry, gems etc).
You gain a bonus Expert Die on
Scrutinize tests to appraise and
Manipulation tests to haggle for the
chosen medium.

Background: Noble Family (3)
Your family was one amongst the
aristocracy and you learned how to
behave as a lordling should.
You gain a bonus Expert Die on
Leadership tests to inspire and command
and on Social tests in situations where
etiquette is required.

Background: Priestly Training (3)
You come from a very pious family or
were raised by priests. Consequently, you
gain a bonus Expert Die on any Sorcery

Background: Snakeblood (3)
Unbeknownst to the world (and perhaps
even yourself), the taint of the yuan-ti
runs in your veins. No outward signs
give away your heritage but you are
something more-or less-than human.
You gain a bonus Expert Die on Physique
tests to resist poison.

Background: Street Smart (3)
You grew up on the streets of a big city
and have learned how to keep informed,
ask questions and interact with the
underworld without raising suspicions.
You gain a bonus Expert Die on Thievery
tests when dealing with the underworld.

Background: Treetopper (3)
Your people are at home in the trees and
high places, daring falls that would
paralyze most other folk in abject terror.
You gain a bonus Expert Die on Athletics
tests when climbing and you can dodge
without penalty when doing so.

Daylight Adaptation (5)
Through long exile from the shadowed
homelands of your kind, you have
learned to endure the painful sunlight of
the surface world. You no longer suffer
the effects of Light Sensitive or Light

Leather Hard (5)
You gain an additional point of Vitality.

Magical Apprentice (Varies)
You have been initiated in to the mystic
ways. Through membership in a Church
or studying at the feet of a powerful
Wizard, you have started on the path of
magical might.
Your initiation is a two-way street
however. Even if you have little to do
with your (former?) masters, they may
have unfinished business with you…
5 Arcane Adept
4 Divine Adept
3 Arcane Initiate
2 Divine Initiate

Prestige Training (5)
You have found someone to train you in
the ways of a specific prestige class and
then been initiated on the path. You may
only purchase this advantage once you
have discovered a mentor who can teach
you the appropriate ways.
Further, you must then meet the
requirements of the prestige class you
wish to initiate in. Lastly, you may only
ever initiate in one prestige class.

Weapon Focus (3)
You have trained extensively with a
particular weapon. Choose a specific
weapon that you have a Skill of 3 or
more in, such as Longsword (which is a
type of one handed sword) or Falchion
(which is a type of two handed sword):
whenever you use that weapon, you gain
an Expert Die.


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