Asuras VII

Trade Profile: BCCDDEB C(C )
Friction: 1
Stability Index: 2

Atmospheric Density: Terrestrial
General Climate: Warm temperate
Gravity: 1.1G
Satellites: 0
Pop 385, 000
Government: Rugast Moar

1-5 Agricultural Goods
6 Normal Minerals & Raw Materials
6 Radioactives and Special Minerals (dilithuim crystals, special allows, radioactives)
7 Drugs and Medical Agents (drugs herbs rare plants)
7 Low Tech Manufactured Goods (Bades, basic tools, natural textiles)
8 Medium-Technology (Firearms, machine tools, plastics.
9 Manufactured Goods
10 High Tech and Mechanical Goods (energy weapons. Spacecraft, computers)

Asuras was more than conquest for the Romulan Empire, it was a curiosity.

Found in the Jungles of the Asurian tropics a strange 116m high obelisk that juts out of the earth at a 47 degree angle was studied by Romulan science. It’s. black, featureless, and impervious skin twarting their efforts.

The planet was deserted by the Romulans after the Proxy War to be reclaimed by Tellarite settlers. Their expert engineering empowering the farming industry and quickly turning the settlement into a large community. One that grew around the artifact which became known as “Spire”.

Asuras is ruled by a group of wealthy busniness professionals referred to as the Directors. Membership is by invite only. They control most of the industry that makes life possible on Asuras.

The main crops of Asuras is rice followed by tea and Moolic fruit.

The Asurians are friendly enough but tend to keep to themselves.



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