Asuras VII

Trade Profile: BCCDDEB C(C )
Friction: 1
Stability Index: 2

Atmospheric Density: Terrestrial
General Climate: Warm temperate
Gravity: 1.1G
Satellites: 0
Pop 485, 000
Government: Mega Minister Duggan

1-5 Corn
6 Normal Minerals & Raw Materials
6 Radioactives and Special Minerals (dilithuim crystals, special allows, radioactives)
7 Drugs and Medical Agents (drugs herbs rare plants)
7 Low Tech Manufactured Goods (Bades, basic tools, natural textiles)
8 Medium-Technology (Firearms, machine tools, plastics.
9 Manufactured Goods
10 High Tech and Mechanical Goods (energy weapons. Spacecraft, computers)

Although the Romulan desire for power is ravenous, Asuras was more than conquest, a site of pure curiosity.

The site is an 116 meter high obelisk jutting out of the earth at an odd angle. Black, featureless, and impervious. The planet was deserted after the Romulans left at the end of the Proxy War, Humans and Bolians settled after they left to study the site. Over time the original expedition camp grew to become the city known as Spire.

The main crop of Asuras is corn, no other vegitable will grow there with regularity

The people of Asuras and especially Spire are unusual folk and one needs to be mindful of local culture when visiting.



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