Andorian Esotera

1. Squish a Set By One
2. Ignore Climbing difficulties of 3 or less.
3. The Andorian can get a nights sleep on a wall or a ceiling by with a Body+Climb Roll.
4. Height Automatically Jumps to 10
5. You cannot knocked off a climbing surface. Your grip is too strong.

Background: Blooded (3)
You know what it is to fight for your life
and the value of quick wits and quicker
reactions when blades are bared and
deadly spells chanted.
You gain a bonus +1W for determining Initiative.

Background: Treetopper (3)
Your people are at home in the trees and
high places, daring falls that would
paralyze most other folk in abject terror.
You gain a bonus Expert Die on Athletics
tests when climbing and you can dodge
without penalty when doing so.

Weapon Focus (3)
You have trained extensively with a
particular weapon. Choose a specific
weapon that you have a Skill of 3 or
more in, such as Longsword (which is a
type of one handed sword) or Falchion
(which is a type of two handed sword):
whenever you use that weapon, you gain
an Expert Die.

Andorian Esotera

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