Mind of the Shadow, Tech of T'kon, Heart of Evil


Eons ago during the last great war between the T’kon and the Iconians, Qwe-Las’s sentience was trapped withing a T’kon probe that ened up on the planet that is known as Deneb IV today.

Saul Baxter discovered the probe and attempted to learn its secrets through neural interface. Qwe-Las ravaged his unsuspecting mind. The strain was too much and Baxter went into a coma like sleep.

When he awakened he was plagued by whispers in his mind that slowly bent his will to that of the Shadows. Qwe-Las had learned much while trapped within the T’kon probe and used his knowlege of the superior technology, and Saul Baxter’s body, to build himself a T’kon technology droid that could hold his essence.

Finnally free, Qwe-Las is free to carry out his plans.



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