Star Trek: Serenity

The Burn

“Drop your weapon” the voice of the android was both alien and mechanical, threatening in its otherness. “Or else I will crush this Orion’s throat and capture you anyway” the android raised Shad into the air, the sound of servos softly clicking barely audible as he squeezed tighter around his neck.

Savar knew that he could not defeat the android. It’s technology was ages beyond his own, and the intellect behind it was ancient and devious. However, If there could be no success, there may still be victory.

Shad moved towards the control panel, shooting at Qwe-Las as he moved away.

Qwe-Las snapped Shad’s kneck and dropped him to the ground, his eyes began to glow red.

Savar dared to glance on Shad’s fallen body, he wanted his consent too. Still continuous, Savar saw what the Vulcan planned and with all the strength left to him, gave the thumbs up.

Stahl was the first to arrive, when he saw the pillar of smoke he knew exactly where it was coming from. The Trill had to take a moment to think about what was scheduled for Savar’s lab today and was immediately terrified. He put in a call to everybody.

He walked past the crowd that had gathered and walked straight into the burnt out lab, the fire suppression systems had taken care of the fire. The first thing he noticed was a hole through the back of the lab that went into the field outside. Then he saw a lumpy red and black mess he took for his pilot, and a lumpy green and black mess that was his scientist.

“Where’s Shad” a quiet and familiar voice said from behind him, Savar knew Draven could see Shad as well as he could. Still it wasn’t right for anyone to see their kin like that.

“Where is my brother?” Draven’s voice was getting louder and more hysterical.

Savar turned and grabbed Draven holding him close and positioning the Orion so he couldn’t see. “He’s gone Draven, Shad is gone.” He was close enough he could whisper it into his ear.

“Where’s ma brother! Where ma Shad?!” Draven’s screams gave way to sobbing and he eventually collapsed into Shads arms.

“Who’s the other guy?” one of the Hell Rangers asked pointing to the green and black blob.

“That’s Savar” replied the lab tech. “He was a brilliant scientist”.

“Huh” the Hell Ranger replied as he surveyed the scene, the remains of Savar’s hand on the console revealed the circumstance of his death. “For someone so devoted to logic, he sure was crazy.”

“Over here!” a Ranger went through the hole behind the lab and found the Que-Las, although the android was covered in char the head of Savar could be seen in his lap, metal tendrils connected the two heads as it knelt. It did not move.

Zhaf`tan strolled up drew his disruptor blew the robot to pieces.

The next few days all of Zoag City mourned, and although the Figg`s toyed with getting a few comments in, thought better to leave well enough alone.

Shad`s mother showed up for the funeral, but left Zoag with her son Draven a few days later. For his service to the Hellraisers, Draven was given four million cr. severance.

Shad`s wife took over all her late husbands holdings.

Stahl, hung up his guns and began to think….politically….



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