Star Trek: Serenity

Fools Rush In

The Hellraisers wait for Bander to get back to them and he never does. They have him followed and see that he is going down to large laundry mat everyday for 8 hours only coming home only to sleep.

The Hellraisers stake out the laundry . They have gurads covering all four walls and one on the roof. From the roof Stal could see bay doors that could take a ship and the windows were blacked out. Zhaftan taunted the guards trying everything to get them to shoot him, and with great will power they did not.

Bander eventually left the building and Stal and the other strolled right up to him. Bander was obviously perplexed. The guards asked Bander who these people are, stalling Bander pretended not to remember their names, but Derev Stal said his outloud anyway, which was followed by hurried whispers to headsets by the guards. Bander explained the Orion Syndicate was hiring him to trick out the romulan ship, warp drive, hidden compartments, stealth tech, weapons, the whole nine yards. Bander had no wish to go up against the OS, so he accepted.

Stal had heard enough. and shot at a guard in front of the front doors, the other Hellraisrs followed through and killed them dead. The battle continues.



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