Star Trek: Serenity

Dustup at Deadman's Gultch!

A new message came over Savar’s tricorder.

“Tell the Hellraiser’s we have them surrounded. Tell them to come out with their hands up.”

Stahl new it was time to show his hand. He walked out into the middle of the street, looking down an old dusty dirt road to the Rouge Scorpion at the edge of town, Plasma guns hot.

“Give us the Project, your surrounded!” a voice came over the ships loud speakers. The ship angled slightly and blew up an abandoned building with its forward guns.

Stahl pointed at another building and it burst into flames as Damood took it out from orbit by Stahls command. Things happened very quickly after that.

The Rogue Scorpion began to angle up to return fire on the Shadow, Shad would have none of that. He took his high powerd Romulan laser sniper rifle and took an aimed shot through the window to the pilot.

His brutal accuracy damaged the ship causing it to spin laterally creating a strange pantomime through the cockpit window. First turn, the copilot noticing the pilots head is gone, to his horror, second turn, the co pilot grabbing the wheel and smoke building up in room, third spin more people enter the room with fire extinguishers, and so on…

With each turn, Shad put another shot through the glass.

WIthin moments of Shad’s first shot Stahl was surrounded by Ozen’s men, carrying plasma knives and outfitted in combat armour. All three went for the mechs weapon and all three missed. From out of the saloon a rising low growl could be heard before the the Klingon burst through the swinging door burying his hot plasma blade deep into one of Stahls attackers.

The attackers parted as the Rogue Scorpion, still spinning, took a shot at Stahl in his mech, missing and blowing up another building. Stahl jumped and rolled for cover, “it finally happened” he thought, “they turned ships guns on the Hellraisers!”.

Damood began to hit the Scorpion over and over with his plasma gun, and together with Shads sniper shots the ship was overwhelmed and taken down.

Mootar could see in their eyes the horror of loosing their ship. The enemy was out numbered, and out gunned. “Victory will soon be mine” he thought.

The Speedsters disappeared and did not return.

The Hellraises told the authorities to look out for the men with white hair, and Savar gave them the frequency in which they could be scanned for. It took them a few days to get a load and after that they left for Zoag.



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