Star Trek: Serenity

Assault on Qwe-Las

The Hell Ranges began to to enter the compound despite Lottie Fullfak’s protests.

Stahl spun on his heels and looked the alien in the face, trying not to be creeped out by the large parasite wrapped around his body.

“This is happening. We are doing an investigation into a strange disease that is infecting the citizenry of Zoag.” the Trill stated, flashing his Surgeon General credentials.

“We have a number of sensitive projects here, many of which are partnered with Zoag business. Confidential, you need to see….” Lottie was cut off by Stahl. “We we have the names of these Zoag business and they will be our next stop” he countered.

“I think not” the low gravelly voice cut across the room. There stood Kora the Klingon General with six other klingons and the door to the compound.

Now it was Stahl who was being ignored as Kora took Mootar aside to speak with him. After a few minuites Kora spoke to the Trill.

“We must take all out men and follow Kora. Now. We are in danger.” The Trill didn’t like it but eventually acquiesced.

Everyone gather in a large storage room. There were Klingons there in large glass tubes. the tubes were filled with a strange barely translucent black fluid that seemed to twist and churn on its own.

“First off let me start by saying I do not have a worm.” Kora began, which was followed up by a round of scans by Savar and Stahl.

Kora explained that a few days ago he found himself here after coughing up a black worm. There was a beautiful Terran in the room who helped him and told him to act as if nothing as changed.

Referring to the Terran as beautiful drew stares from the other Klingons which only led Kora to loudly reassert his assessment.

Kora learned that Saul Baxter brought Qwe-Las to this facility, they say Saul helped him escape a great machine and then Saul using the knowledge of Qwe-Las built the body he inhabits today. Qwe-Las was the closest thing these people saw to a real Iconian and he took over the operations. He expanded the worm pits program and began the black oil and the Psytonin disease.

“He’s enhanced the oil and the worms with this strange gold liquid” Mootar’s voice lowered “It gets into their brains changes them….into something else….”.

“These high profile attacks were beginning to worry Lottie” Kora continued, “as they threaten the Iconians ability to work in the shadows.”

“Qwe-Las has to be taken down, he threatens the Klingon Empire and the Triangle.” Kora concluded. “The only problem is that he can control every bug through this place. He does it from a device on the top floor guarded by…”

“I can block it”, Savar chimed in. “I have the technology”.

A tall Klingon from the back stepped forward and vouched for Savar. “I trust this Vulcan with my life, I hunted with him”.

“This is good, the Demon will not see that coming. My brothers, it is time for war.”

The Hell Rangers, the Klingons, and the Hellraisers headed down to the bottom of the facility where Qwe-Las’s lab was. With the Klingons leading, few bothered to inquire, trained early on to mind their own business. Those that did inquire, paid for it with their lives.

The passed through a few flesh doors that opened wide in a circular motion until they reached the door of the Lab.

With weapons at the ready, Savar flipped the switch on the telepathic blocker, and they ran in.



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