Docking Fees

Berthing Fee: 20x hull class for 6 days , 2 x hull class per day thereafafter
Customs Duties: Friction
Fuel: 350/dton, 750 ton delivered
Handling Fees: Unloading ship min500 cr , 20/ tonn general, 4/ tonn containers
Passengerss: 50/person
Special handling: radioactive fragile, +50 total fees
Starport fee: 500 cr
Wharf fees: Storing cargo at port facilities 20/ ton /day for 30 days and 3/ton a day thereafter.

Fighter, shuttle, personal, System patrol ship: Hull Class 1-3
Free Trader, Freighter, Yacht : Hull Class 4
Merchant Trader, Escort, Raider: Hull 8
Mercenary Cruiser: Hull 16
Heavy Freighter: Hull 20

Fuel: 5 x Hull Class.

Trade Run: Far Trader and suns of gold

1) Listen to Chatter…danger
2) Move toward planet, middle between the rim and the planet is pirate country.
3)Once the relative safety of a system is assured, the trader usually beams
notice of their arrival to the intended landing site. These messages
give the ship’s name, her homeworld, and the nature of her cargo. Set up buyers and permits.
4) Customs 2 to 3 hours, ship and cargo inspection, any contraband to be held by the govt before leaving. Some losses. Some leave hot cargo in space. Health inspection, food, sick crew, passengers, get ful bill, partial bill crew must stay on first officer and captain can leave on business. Or quarentine from ship or from station.
6% duty on imports to support station. higher for smaller stations up to 10 % and higher on certain products when they want to support local industry. Customs seal locks off a cargo bay cost? Put ship under seal to avoid customs and only capt and FO can leave.
5) Immigration, comparing manifest against list. ppl on the list have to stay on ship.
6) port guide to watch you, sometimes you pay for him
Find buyers if not already, typically traders deal in exotics that fetch the best price.
7) buy stuff leave, pay fines.

Fines, failure to leave dock 1000 cr and hour
breaking the rules 500cr.


Docking Fees

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