Star Trek: Serenity

The Story So Far...

Them Damn Hellraisers!

Over the last few years the tale of the Hellraisers has grown. From taking on the Terran Empire in a transport ship, to stealing ships from the Romulan Empire, beating up pirates, finding 600 000 yr old T’kon Artifacts, blowing up secret Orion Syndicate Moon Bases, overseeing the coronation of a Klingon Eptai, to even killing giant bugs on Zoag, their new home. But sooner or later all that trouble is bound to catch up with you.

Betrayed from within, the Hellraiser were captured by the ruthless Vulcan Mercenary Sori. After being thrown into a Romulan Prison and tortured for information, the Hellraisers managed to escape their cells and make it to a transport, that just happens to belong to Sori as he is dropping off more prisoners.

In the ensuing melee the klingon Mootar is shot to death. Derev Stahl and Shad engage the Vulcan in hand to hand combat. Will Savar and Zhaftan be able to help their friends before they perish?


Breakout Dramatized

Mootar layed bleading on the floor. Sori, Vulcan Bounty Hunter, faced down Shad and Stahl, the logic was ineviatable. With the Klingon dead, what chance did they have? Shad tensed as the Vulcan’s gaze fell upon him. Fear of torture and death on this frozen Romulan prison planet had enboldened him emmensly, he had struck the Vulcan many times with his stun batton, but such vigor had made him the next logical choice for death.

Just as Sori raised his disruptor a cloud of green mist appeared from the new wound that ripped through his shoulder. The origin of the fresh carnage was none other than Zhaftan the Mad Andorian. Covered knee down in the blue and red grime of his recent bolian victims he loosed hot lead into his Vulcan target, with a marksman’s accuracy.

Shad and Stahl followed up the attacks until the Vulcan fell. Stahl dove for Mootar, tearing clothing to make tournquets. What used to be his right arm was sparaying purple blood everywhere, his friend was close to death.
Shad looked down at the man who told him about his brothers death, the man responsible for it. He lay there, passive, waiting for his own demise. Sori almost looked peaceful. Shad held the stun baton against the vulcan and turned it on.

Stahl only became aware of what was happening behind hims as he finished working on Mootar. When the joined Trill used his medical skills from a past life it also drew with it a lifetime of compassion and duty. Just as quickly as Stahl turned to stabilize the downed Vulcan Zhaftan put a bullet between the bounty hunters eyes.

The cry Stahl let out was not his own but a voice from centuries past.

As Shad looked down at the Vulvan’s brain unfolding like some kind of organic optic cable bundle he wondered if the Vulcan had known where their ship was.

Shad instantly recognized the Vulcan’s ship, Shivram class, the very ship he cut his teeth what seems like a lifetime ago when he was a simple hauler. Despite the bridge controls being in Vulcan all the controls seemed to be in the same place. The Orion start the preflight check.

Savar pointed at the monitor in Rejovics office. The prison riot was in full swing, shelled up prison guards clashed with hoards of freed prisoners. The guards were winning.

“We have to kill Rejovic.” Stahl stated, the others nodded in agreement. “I can set an explosive with a remote detonator in the hallway past the guard post, when that Romulan Bastard walks in….boom. Give me a hand Stahl.”

Savar monitored Rejovic’s progress towards their position. He had corned the remaining criminals in the hallway setting up a sort of killing field. They were close enough Savar could hear their pleas for help.

Stahl went for the door handle but was roughly thrown against the wall by the Andorian.

“He’s killing them!” Stahl yelled angrily.

“Rejovic knows where we live, he knows about all our stuff, my family (remember this is dramatized)! He tortured it out of us! He has to die!” Stahl couldn’t escape the Andorian’s grip nor could he tear his eyes away from the door. Below the door mussle flashes illuminated the scrambling of murdered prisoners. Even more horrid was the silence that followed afterword. The Andorian broke that silence with his explosive vengeance.

Stahl broke into the hallway, looking through pieces of prisoner and guards looking for surivivors to save as Zhaftan looked for survivors to kill. As Stahl bandged the wounded Zhaftan took a severed arm and wrote a warning in green Romulan blood. “The Hellraisers were here” written over Rejovic’s corpse.

For a moment Zhaftan was affected by the Trill’s compassion and he left one Romulan alive, then he remembered this whole mess, the death of his girlfriend, the betrayal, their capture, could all be traced back to the last Romulan he left alive. In the end the Andorian decided one lead bullet for a lifetime of not looking over his shoulder was a small price to pay.

As the Hellraisers, the rescued Romulan Senator, Linara Finn, and Graven with his bady guards board Sori’s transport “The Black Shadow” Shad makes a disturbing discovery. The docking clamp will not release. It was in as much disrepair as the rest of the prison and has failed to open leaving the manual crank the only option for escape. And for that someone would have to go outside.

Stahl volunteers to operate the release and everyone else able, including Gravin men go to cover his back. Half way through the Hellraisers hear a familiar voice.

“I told you guys there was a ship here, and look Zhaftan is getting it all ready for us. Hey Zaftan, I wonder if you will cry as much as your bitch did when I killed her?”

Vebrix, the Romulan Zhaftan let live, the one who killed his woman, and the one who conspired against the Hellraisers came for their ship. A victim of his own greed he ended up in Tulok’ Moor with the rest of them. Vebrix had gathered up a small group of followers he must have convinced with promises of freedom.

Battle weary and on the cusp of escape Stahl made a daring play. “Kill the Romulan and the rest of you can come with us!”

The Romulan was visibly unprepared for those turn of events but wouldn’t have the time to react to them.

Zhaftan, determined to fix his mistake and avenge his love, took aim, breathed and fired the weapon he confiscated from Rejovic, counting on it to be as wicked as its previous owner. A bet made good as he watched his enemy scream vainly as he tried to fight the weapons energy wave from disintegrating his body. In a second all that was left was dust on the snow.

Savar looked on from the ships monitors and couldnt help but wonder if Vebrix knew where their ship was.

Moments later the Black Shadow was airborne. Savar transmitted the stolen transit codes that allowed them to get past the patrols. Gravin examined the Star Log and determined that Sori left the Free Base after defeating the Hellraisers and went to Kintarra, a known hub for the slave trade, then left there to another world where he apparently captured the Romulan Senator, then came to Tulok’Mor.

The crew decide to go to Kintarra to see if their ship is there.

The Slave Pits of Kintarra

The Hellraisers arrive at Kintarra. The Romulan Senator, grateful for her rescue, asks around for the group. There is no word of their ship but their crewmates were sold off to the slave trader A’babba who would have sent them off to work the mines somewhere on the planet.

Using their spoils from the prison planet they get suitable clothing and go to the slave market the next day. After waiting for a few hours Shad, well versed in the seedy underside of black market, makes an offer to buy their old crewmates back saying that he desires revenge upon them.

After a few inquiries of his own A’babba learns that the crew has done business on Gamon, the slave trader seems very interested in this. Ababba invites the crew to dine upon his barge this evening, he has a business proposition. He also tells them that he has the Orion Female and will never give her up.

Set Sail for Sabotage!

The Hellraisers used what funds they had availible to armour up and get ready for their meeting. Shad made sure to have some good clothing.

The went to the North Gate that connects Solan Freeport with Solanus and met their guide. A black robed romulan who is friendly and menacing at the same time. As they strolled through Solanus to the port they saw the statue of Tellus the prophet and savior to the Romulan people. It was suggested they should bow, so they did. Grudgingly. Then they saw at Romulan man tied up to a post, he had snuck in from Solanini and was not supposed to be there. He was acting outside of his station. He had been wipped. The PCs were offered a stone to throw at the prisoner, eventually Zhaftan grabbed it and wacked the poor bastard pretty good.

They were handed off to another black robbed figure who took responsibility for them when they enter A’babba’s barge. Its a party. Romulan officers in attendance. Slave girls.

They try a drug called “Milk”. Stahl and Zhaftan loose their minds on it and have memory loss and making out with strange women. They meet A’babba in his upper deck to talk business about moving “Milk” to Gamon. Shad uses the negotiation as a cover to learn about the rest of the crew sold into slavery.

They meet the crusty Krastin who runs a lab on the barge, where T’la is being held. And milked, along with 11 other beautiful women. Beauty is a requirement of milking.

Krastin has been butchering women coming up with the perfect formula. Stahl, Zhaftan and Savar take over the lab and free the women. Stahl starts mixing a knockout gas. They use Krastins ego against him and get him onside. Or as the Hellraisers say, “He pissed on his hat”.

Shad learns the location of the rest of the crew, and makes a deal to move milk.

The Tide Rises

The PCs learn that the black robed Romulans are the secret police, the Tal Sh’iar. They learn this after killing one who began asking too many questions when he found Darev, Zhaftan, Krastin, and Savar in the lab with all the women freed.

When a Tal Shiar is killed the others will know, to prevent this Krastin “cloaked” the ship from all communications. at the cost to all the rest of the ships power, she became dead in the water.

Krastin says he can get the equipment off in Solanini, the Hellraisers conspire to get the barge there. Thy are trying to steal the lab off the ship. Krastin has some contacts in Solanini who can help them get it on their ship.

Numerous people go down there, a soldier who is captured. A female Colonel who is disintegrated, some Reman slaves who are captured. When a large Romulan Captain started asking questions, the threatened to send up the Tal’Shiar to answer them (who was dead), and that made him back off.

The turned off the cloak, and told the Captain to go to Solanini to repair damage to the engine. The black out caused by the cloak is used to explain engine trouble. He agreed.

The barge docks in Solanini.

Out of the Frying pan...

After docking, they doubled the dose of the milk and served it to the top deck where A’babba’s private party is. Shad encouraged the slaver to offer some entertainment to distract from the droll mechanical repairs. While the Hellraisers are emptying out the lab, A’babba, Commander Soggo and the rest of the top deck are distracted.

The Hellraisers paid out and intimidated the laborers with Savar dressed as a Tal Sh’iar. Just as Shad was about to slip out, a Reman grabs him by the throat and speaks into his mind. The voice is Li’Ru: “Shad come to the other side of the planet quickly, You need to get here soon or your brother will die!”.

At that exact moment every Reman on the planet, the PLANET, revolted. Although it was quickly put down, the damage to both sides was severe. One of the Remans was contacted telepathically by Savar and was told the tale of The Black Hawk.

The kill the customs guard and take off in the Black Shadow. The evade the planetary sensors and land in the mountain mining camp of Severus. Severus has just quelled his uprising personally, but some slaves have escaped with a Romulan boy. Slaves escaping looks bad so they will be caught and killed. Severus says the Hellraisers are welcome to come and carry out their revenge with them. The suit up and ready hover chariots to take into the crevasses.

Savar speaks telepathically with the Remans who are present and begin planning their escape.

Tha Chasm of Death!

Severus led 15 men plus the Hellraisers on horseless hover Chariots into the Selmic Crevasses, the result of a stellar impact eons ago. Large deposits of valuable, scanner blocking, Magnasite remain here. It would be mined but wild Remans who escaped captivity live here, the dark is their natural habitat and they kill all Romulans who come here.

As Crevasses go deeper into the earth the way becomes more treacherous and dark, forcing the Romulans to use illumination. The lead’s light is knocked out causing concern among the men. Scouts are sent ahead, but two men are taken from the camp without anyone seeing. Well, Shad and Savar saw, but said nothing. The scouts came back and found a camp site with proof the Romulan boy was there. One soldier freaks out and starts spouting off about The Black Hawk. Severus goes over and stabs him in the neck.

The crevasse becomes narrow and ran along an even deeper chasm. They had to go single file. It was at this time Rocks came pouring down from above. Charioteers fight to keep from falling off. Zhaftan edged his chariot forward and knocked a Romulan into the chasm without anyone seeing. Stahl followed suit and drew some glances. A concerned Romulan came over and asked what happened and Stahl shot him in the face with both guns.

Combat ensued, disitigrations by ZHaftan, bodies cleaved in two by Mootar. Shad drove his chariot around and ran it into Severus just after he powered up his armour, the action threw Shad, Severus and the unopened power armour into the chasms inky blackness. Savar hacked into the powered armour suit and managed to stop it from activating, to the shagrin of the Romulan who spent the round hitting the button before being shot down.

Shad grabbed onto the chasm wall and Severus let go rather than be captured and killed. Zhaftan retrieved the Powered Armour.

The Remans appeared out of the darkness suddenly and recognized the Hellraisers as friends and allowed them passage.

The Black Hawk Rises!

The Hellraisers follow the cracks until they reach a large valley. This looks like this site that the meteor hit the planet all those eons ago. The vally is surrounded by sheer rock only broken by the many cracks that radiate outward, cracks that the Hellraisers were leaving now. The ground is covered in a glowing green fungus that illuminates the area. In the center was a large jade tower carved to look like to eagles back to back. Savar recognized the writing on it to be ancient but likely “The Temple of D’era”. D’rea being the Romulan belief that they will rule the universe. They learn that this tower was built by Tellus himself. On his way to what would be Romulus from Vulcan he stopped here on Kintarra for many years.

They find Damood who is glad to see they are alive, and Draven who is almost dead but tended to by Stahl. He was wounded in the escape. In the center chamber a large ball rotates. Savar recognizes it as similar to ancient T’kon technology. It is malfunctioning and letting Magnetar flares escape which are very harmful. Savar fixes the problem but the knowledge comes from nowhere and for a moment he speaks a different language. He wonders if connecting his mind to the alien probe may have something to do with it.

The ball stops rotating and lowers, Li’Ru emerges. He looks more like 30 years old now and his hair is white in his hand he carries a large staff: The psionic resonator. He gathers the leaders and tells them that he had a vision of Tellus’s plan. He was going to mix telepathic Romulans with normal Romulans to spread the trait and even with a little power they could operate psionic resonators which are a destructive weapon with no known defense. Remans are key to the Romulan destiny!

Li’Ru proposes peace with the Romulans so that they may enact Tellus’s plan. Some Remans are so pissed at this they would rather kill everyone than let word Tellus plan get out and their be peace with Romulans. So one shoots the control that Savar used to fix the device. Magnetar flares begin to flood the room, the ball needs to be ejected! A sharp eyed Shad finds the switch exceptionally quickly (grrr) and the ball is ejected. causing a fire in the valley that spreads to the green fungus on the ground. Who knew it was flammable?

H aste is made to get back to the crack! There are too many Remans to be carried by the chariots. Half way back the ball explodes raining fire everywhere. The group is surrounded by burning fungus! Searing hot death is imminent!

With unrelenting power Li’Ru raises his staff and parts the sea of flame, clearing a path to freedom. Those who disagreed with him in the tower had fallen to the back, Li’Ru turns on them and collapses the flame upon them in an act of divine judgement.

Shad had seen enough. He convinced the Remans to let them go about half a day ahead to get the Remans there ready for the coming attack. When he and the crew arrived at Severus’s Camp he said they should all leave right now and leave Li’Ru to his little holy war. Maybe even warn the Romulan Empire!

With the help of the Remans they escaped to their ships at the moment of the attack. The attack is awesome. From their vantage they could only see the night sky light up accompanied by the occasional building vaporized.

Shad made the deal to gave Garvin his own ship stolen from Severus’s star port. As they left they were confronted by a 25 story tall hologram of Li’Ru commanding them to wait- which only made them leave faster. They could hear Li’Ru cry out “Hell-Raisers!!!” even as they were well into deep space.

They returned to Zoag and found out that Bru Ha and Skizzor and a shit load of pirates attacked the town and killed the sheriff and they left a nasty note for the crew. [Note: Beg Bottle won the Mayorship but Pat Fig’s brother, Doug Fig, won a seat on Zoag council.]

Shad hunts them down across the stars, following leads of other attacks and possible destinations, until they reach Banders Wreckers on New New Aberdeen. Using their status as Deputies of Zoag they meet with N.N.A.P.D. to get they lay of the land. They expect the Pirates to go to Banders to selll the Romulan ship for parts. Shad makes a deal with Bander for future salvage and business, if he helps get their ship back. The trap is set.

Fools Rush In

The Hellraisers wait for Bander to get back to them and he never does. They have him followed and see that he is going down to large laundry mat everyday for 8 hours only coming home only to sleep.

The Hellraisers stake out the laundry . They have gurads covering all four walls and one on the roof. From the roof Stal could see bay doors that could take a ship and the windows were blacked out. Zhaftan taunted the guards trying everything to get them to shoot him, and with great will power they did not.

Bander eventually left the building and Stal and the other strolled right up to him. Bander was obviously perplexed. The guards asked Bander who these people are, stalling Bander pretended not to remember their names, but Derev Stal said his outloud anyway, which was followed by hurried whispers to headsets by the guards. Bander explained the Orion Syndicate was hiring him to trick out the romulan ship, warp drive, hidden compartments, stealth tech, weapons, the whole nine yards. Bander had no wish to go up against the OS, so he accepted.

Stal had heard enough. and shot at a guard in front of the front doors, the other Hellraisrs followed through and killed them dead. The battle continues.


The other guards take cover at the corners of the building and take aimed shots at Zhaftan.

Derev is the only one to take cover behind the scooter. He returns fire. Zhaftan and Mootar shoot at the door.

Zhaftan is wounded badly but they blow out the door and run inside. The guards inside shoot down Zhaftan, Derev shoots back at the guards.

A voice hovers over the carnage. It is Broo Ha and he demands Derev surrender before he releases the Skizzor.

As Derev Stahl pauses, Mootar runs in and blows the head clean off the nearest guard.

The fight continues….


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