Star Trek: Serenity

Arrival at Yel' Camac

The Hellraisers travel to the Yel’ Camac to sell their wares. They notice on approach to the planet that it is patrolled by large war ships that ask for information before letting ships pass. Savar decides to stay in orbit with his ship “Aria” class ship.

The rest of the group lands, makes some trades and take in the local flavor.

Shad learns that the Fire Gem trade is hot on Yel’ Camac. All gem trade is done through the Consortium. The Consortium maintain the military with the primary purpose of ensuring the safe operation of the gem trade.

Even more valuable than the Red Fire Gem is the ultra rare Yellow Fire Gem.

The Consortium only does business with the Romulan Empire and the Delvian Protectorate thereby driving up the value of the gems in the Terran Empire.

Derev plays some cards and susses out that Marta was here a long time ago. she hired a crew then left for the town Revelation. The same town Capt. Strausser said Marta was last seen.

People in the bar say that Revelation is bad news, run by the Donelly family. The “Black Donnellys” are a bunch of low down violent thieve’n crooks. And they are the law out there.

Back to the Stars

After collecting evidence of the demise of Bru Ha, Skizzor, and the Shadow, the Hellraisers fly into Klin’Sann space port to buy some cargo and start making some money again.

They learn that the town worships Landdru, a holographic messiah that appears out of no where to give greetings and advice.

The load some food and fly off to Yel’ Clamac to sell it and find Marta working on their various skills along the way.

Victory: By any means...

Shad woke up with two other people in the main elevator. There was clearly damage to the whole installation, smoke and fire could be seen down the shaft. The others in the elevator were Vandix, a quiet and reserved Klingon who did not seem like others of his kind, too shifty, and Duranos, a former Orion Syndicate Lieutenant who was thrown into chaos after the destruction of the Satterfeld base as anyone with a crew made a play for power. It didn’t go to well for Duranos and he ended up on the Black Rock. He knows of Shad and blames him and the Hellraisers (maybe him more for being a fellow Orion) for causing, and apparently still causing, trouble.

Shad hits the button to lower the elevator and the cable breaks and it falls. In a feat of physicality and luck Shad manages to jump before the platform crashes to a halt on debris and takes no damage. Just another thing the hurting Duranos can blame Shad for. Shad got out first and helped the other two out, even when Vandix refused to help as he did not wish to chance falling down the pit. They all manage to escape the elevator.

Stahl woke up in a room with Burrok, a Trill Assassin who is being hunted by his employer because he killed his daughter and Iolis the Tellarite banker who stole an artifact to pay off banking debts but the sect who guarded it is hunting him down for it. Hence he is here.

There was a roaring fire outside their door and smoke filling up the room they are in. They walked through fire to escape and Stahl almost died going back into the fire to save Iolis.

Zhaftan was on a surface hallway made of transparent aluminum. The doorway behind caved in, the doorway ahead holding back a roaring fire from a plasma leak in the center a few barrels of a substance that was marked unstable and becoming agitated from the blazing heat that was creeping its way into the room as the asteroid began to approach the light side of the Gas giant. The transparent aluminum only magnified the heat. Zhaftan was trapped! After some messing around he moved the barrels into the heat, exploded them knocking a hole through the hallway, then opened the door to the vacuum to put the fire out, then walked in and closed the door behind him.

Savar woke up surrounded by reeds, the sky above had thee moons. the Vulcan climbed up a rock to see over the reeds. He saw a portal off in the distance ahead, and moving reeds pushed by some hidden creature coming towards him. He ran towards the portal, when he looked back he saw hungry little chicken dinosaurs chasing him. As he got closer to the portal he saw that it was above the ground, too high to jump. Still running, he grabbed a large strong reed, and with great difficulty, pole vaulted through the portal before the dinos could eat him.

Just as soon as Zhaftan closed the door behind him Savar came crashing into his back and Regis fell through ceiling tiles. Savar nerve pinched Regis again.

Over the personal coms a plea for help from Broo Ha! “Power is cut to the docking bay door. Someone needs to get to engineering to turn it on! The Asteroid is knocked out of orbit! We are going to break up in the atmosphere any moment!”

The Hellraisers meet there, just in time to dump the core before it blows! Battery power takes over but it is falling quickly. The Hellraisers hasten to the Docking Bay to exact revenge against their enemies.

When the open the interior Bay Door, they hit a booby trap left by their Nemesi, an exploding barrel of anti-matter, it fails to go off right away so the Hellraisers manage to survive. Broo Ha and Skizzor are nowhere to be seen. Regis informs them that there are cloaked and powered escaped pods, of Trill design, that can be launched from the Rail Gun in the old mine. They must have headed there!

People who were in the bay before say they saw the two, but then a large black spider thing came into the bay, stuck a out of phase claw through the Nausican’s (Broo’s) head, then they all left.

But with the asteroids orbit decaying into the gas giant, breaking apart at any moment, the bay doors still stuck, would the Hellraisers have to sacrifice their ship to save themselves?!?

No. The blew the bay doors off with the ships weapons.

They tracked down the escape pods through the cloak. Impossible to know where their quarry lay, or if a insane other worldly telepathic evil phase spider may be on there too, Shad did the only thing he could. Even though the voice of a small child came over the coms insisiting the their quarry was not there, Shad blew the escape pod out of the sky.

(A while later the point was made that everybody in that station was hiding from something and they catered to the worst in the sector. But still a little girl?)

Zhaftan came up with the plan to add visual searches when Regis revealed that the Shadow may be cloaked to sensors.

They stopped the other pods, scanned each person, found two with those mind parasites in their neck. Worrik a Nausican crime lord, also hiding out after the fall of Satterfeld, and Grizz Neutron, a pirate. Stahl removed the parasites.

Zhaftan spotted the cloacked pod. It went full invisible, but showed up on re-entery into the atmosphere. Shad blew it out of the sky.

They even landed and took samples (found a broken blade), to confirm the kill.

Terror on The Black Rock

After monitoring the facility for days and considering many entrance strategies the Hellraisers decided to stroll up and knock on the front door. Once they identified themselves to the Black Rock they were cheerfully welcomed inside.

They were welcomed by Regis a Catullan (so identified by his natural florescent blue green hair) and 6 hooded and robed figures. He begged to show the Hellraisers the Black Rock facility. They learned that the Rock was a refuge that caters to criminals, pirates, politicians, lawyers, as long as they can pay the 3 mill a month fee. They offer medical, cyber implants, ship repairs, a sauna, anything you could want for your stay.

Regis tried to entice Savar with a special project his facility was working on. He received the instructions in dreams, whispers. It was a project they were having problems with and were hoping Savar could have a look. He agreed.

In the lab they saw a device that seemed to be suspending a small energy ball above it. When looking through an electron microscope one could see the vistas of many world, each one only lingering a second. For a second Savar thought he saw a dark place, as he looked closer the darkness was actually closely packed black insect legs. Moving. Regis explained they needed to make the portal larger if it were to be used.

At that point what can only be described as a ear piercing screech came out of the energy ball. That paralyzed a few people in the group. Regis and his security seemed to enjoy the sound. One of the guards approaches Savar.

“My associates want you to join us but you must swallow this.” The box was opened to reveal a large thin bug not unlike the one that crawled out of Krotus’s Witch all those months ago. “This is how they communicate with us.”

Without hesitating Savar knocked the box away and exclaimed, as much as Vulcans explaim, “Oh Yeah”.

Savar nerve pinched Regis. The screeching was still causing paralysis so Stahl shot the device. The energy ball did not disappear but became larger and more unstable. The security was shot down and Savar urged the Hellraisers to leave when a large black insect like leg came through the energy,

Instinctively Zhaftan shot at it, but his disruptor bolts passed harmlessly through it and got sucked into the wormhole that was beginning to form. There was a bright white flash and the Hellraisers knew no more.

Until they woke up surrounded by rock, smoke and fire.

Cowboy Diplomacy

Z’haftan lay bleeding out on the floor, the Klingon was trading fire with the last Nausican guard Stahl could see, everyone could hear the footsteps of six more armoured guards running to the door. Not to forget Broo Ha and Skizzor, expert fighters in their own right and yet to be seen.

A voice came through the darkness. Short and commanding. Familiar.
“Lay down your weapons and I will give your Andorian medical treatment”. The man knew Darev Stahls name as he will never forget the man who slept with his wife!

He steps out to reveal himself as Heinrich Strausser, Captain of the I.S.S. Oppulance, defender of the Terran Empire. He reminded the Hellraisers the they owed him, priceless T’kon artifacts and a Romulan Prince.

Henrich goes on to explain that he quit trying to have them killed when he realized that he needed them. He had continued the search for Marta, his ex-wife, in order to find the artifacts. Word has come that she has returned but everyone he sends to go find her either disappears or ends up dead. He figures it may be because he tried to kill her, but she still likes Stahl! She stole the artifacts from both of us Strausser explains, help me get them back and we can split the profits.

Strausser needs the Romulan ship for a mission but is willing to sell it back to the Hellraisers if they can reunite him with Marta. He will have it all tricked out to boot.

Stahl would not budge on Broo Has and Skizzor he wanted their heads on a platter.

The Hellraisers throw in another Romulan ship they had from before and they reach a deal. Broo and Skizz are smart enough to eavesdrop and they get the hell out of dodge. Strausser agrees to hunt them down and bring them in. As the sirens approach everyone leaves.

Mootar gets his new arm attached. Its a transparent slug with a four fingered hand on the end. Mootars blood vessels have regenerated inside the worm and are fully visible. He keeps it wrapped up. This cost him 90 000cr.

Strausser contacts the Hellraisers. He is all cut up and bandaged. He lost Broo and Skizz but he knows where they are going, and maybe their stuff is there. In the K’linsann system there is an asteroid known as “The Black Rock”.


The other guards take cover at the corners of the building and take aimed shots at Zhaftan.

Derev is the only one to take cover behind the scooter. He returns fire. Zhaftan and Mootar shoot at the door.

Zhaftan is wounded badly but they blow out the door and run inside. The guards inside shoot down Zhaftan, Derev shoots back at the guards.

A voice hovers over the carnage. It is Broo Ha and he demands Derev surrender before he releases the Skizzor.

As Derev Stahl pauses, Mootar runs in and blows the head clean off the nearest guard.

The fight continues….

Fools Rush In

The Hellraisers wait for Bander to get back to them and he never does. They have him followed and see that he is going down to large laundry mat everyday for 8 hours only coming home only to sleep.

The Hellraisers stake out the laundry . They have gurads covering all four walls and one on the roof. From the roof Stal could see bay doors that could take a ship and the windows were blacked out. Zhaftan taunted the guards trying everything to get them to shoot him, and with great will power they did not.

Bander eventually left the building and Stal and the other strolled right up to him. Bander was obviously perplexed. The guards asked Bander who these people are, stalling Bander pretended not to remember their names, but Derev Stal said his outloud anyway, which was followed by hurried whispers to headsets by the guards. Bander explained the Orion Syndicate was hiring him to trick out the romulan ship, warp drive, hidden compartments, stealth tech, weapons, the whole nine yards. Bander had no wish to go up against the OS, so he accepted.

Stal had heard enough. and shot at a guard in front of the front doors, the other Hellraisrs followed through and killed them dead. The battle continues.

The Black Hawk Rises!

The Hellraisers follow the cracks until they reach a large valley. This looks like this site that the meteor hit the planet all those eons ago. The vally is surrounded by sheer rock only broken by the many cracks that radiate outward, cracks that the Hellraisers were leaving now. The ground is covered in a glowing green fungus that illuminates the area. In the center was a large jade tower carved to look like to eagles back to back. Savar recognized the writing on it to be ancient but likely “The Temple of D’era”. D’rea being the Romulan belief that they will rule the universe. They learn that this tower was built by Tellus himself. On his way to what would be Romulus from Vulcan he stopped here on Kintarra for many years.

They find Damood who is glad to see they are alive, and Draven who is almost dead but tended to by Stahl. He was wounded in the escape. In the center chamber a large ball rotates. Savar recognizes it as similar to ancient T’kon technology. It is malfunctioning and letting Magnetar flares escape which are very harmful. Savar fixes the problem but the knowledge comes from nowhere and for a moment he speaks a different language. He wonders if connecting his mind to the alien probe may have something to do with it.

The ball stops rotating and lowers, Li’Ru emerges. He looks more like 30 years old now and his hair is white in his hand he carries a large staff: The psionic resonator. He gathers the leaders and tells them that he had a vision of Tellus’s plan. He was going to mix telepathic Romulans with normal Romulans to spread the trait and even with a little power they could operate psionic resonators which are a destructive weapon with no known defense. Remans are key to the Romulan destiny!

Li’Ru proposes peace with the Romulans so that they may enact Tellus’s plan. Some Remans are so pissed at this they would rather kill everyone than let word Tellus plan get out and their be peace with Romulans. So one shoots the control that Savar used to fix the device. Magnetar flares begin to flood the room, the ball needs to be ejected! A sharp eyed Shad finds the switch exceptionally quickly (grrr) and the ball is ejected. causing a fire in the valley that spreads to the green fungus on the ground. Who knew it was flammable?

H aste is made to get back to the crack! There are too many Remans to be carried by the chariots. Half way back the ball explodes raining fire everywhere. The group is surrounded by burning fungus! Searing hot death is imminent!

With unrelenting power Li’Ru raises his staff and parts the sea of flame, clearing a path to freedom. Those who disagreed with him in the tower had fallen to the back, Li’Ru turns on them and collapses the flame upon them in an act of divine judgement.

Shad had seen enough. He convinced the Remans to let them go about half a day ahead to get the Remans there ready for the coming attack. When he and the crew arrived at Severus’s Camp he said they should all leave right now and leave Li’Ru to his little holy war. Maybe even warn the Romulan Empire!

With the help of the Remans they escaped to their ships at the moment of the attack. The attack is awesome. From their vantage they could only see the night sky light up accompanied by the occasional building vaporized.

Shad made the deal to gave Garvin his own ship stolen from Severus’s star port. As they left they were confronted by a 25 story tall hologram of Li’Ru commanding them to wait- which only made them leave faster. They could hear Li’Ru cry out “Hell-Raisers!!!” even as they were well into deep space.

They returned to Zoag and found out that Bru Ha and Skizzor and a shit load of pirates attacked the town and killed the sheriff and they left a nasty note for the crew. [Note: Beg Bottle won the Mayorship but Pat Fig’s brother, Doug Fig, won a seat on Zoag council.]

Shad hunts them down across the stars, following leads of other attacks and possible destinations, until they reach Banders Wreckers on New New Aberdeen. Using their status as Deputies of Zoag they meet with N.N.A.P.D. to get they lay of the land. They expect the Pirates to go to Banders to selll the Romulan ship for parts. Shad makes a deal with Bander for future salvage and business, if he helps get their ship back. The trap is set.

Tha Chasm of Death!

Severus led 15 men plus the Hellraisers on horseless hover Chariots into the Selmic Crevasses, the result of a stellar impact eons ago. Large deposits of valuable, scanner blocking, Magnasite remain here. It would be mined but wild Remans who escaped captivity live here, the dark is their natural habitat and they kill all Romulans who come here.

As Crevasses go deeper into the earth the way becomes more treacherous and dark, forcing the Romulans to use illumination. The lead’s light is knocked out causing concern among the men. Scouts are sent ahead, but two men are taken from the camp without anyone seeing. Well, Shad and Savar saw, but said nothing. The scouts came back and found a camp site with proof the Romulan boy was there. One soldier freaks out and starts spouting off about The Black Hawk. Severus goes over and stabs him in the neck.

The crevasse becomes narrow and ran along an even deeper chasm. They had to go single file. It was at this time Rocks came pouring down from above. Charioteers fight to keep from falling off. Zhaftan edged his chariot forward and knocked a Romulan into the chasm without anyone seeing. Stahl followed suit and drew some glances. A concerned Romulan came over and asked what happened and Stahl shot him in the face with both guns.

Combat ensued, disitigrations by ZHaftan, bodies cleaved in two by Mootar. Shad drove his chariot around and ran it into Severus just after he powered up his armour, the action threw Shad, Severus and the unopened power armour into the chasms inky blackness. Savar hacked into the powered armour suit and managed to stop it from activating, to the shagrin of the Romulan who spent the round hitting the button before being shot down.

Shad grabbed onto the chasm wall and Severus let go rather than be captured and killed. Zhaftan retrieved the Powered Armour.

The Remans appeared out of the darkness suddenly and recognized the Hellraisers as friends and allowed them passage.

Out of the Frying pan...

After docking, they doubled the dose of the milk and served it to the top deck where A’babba’s private party is. Shad encouraged the slaver to offer some entertainment to distract from the droll mechanical repairs. While the Hellraisers are emptying out the lab, A’babba, Commander Soggo and the rest of the top deck are distracted.

The Hellraisers paid out and intimidated the laborers with Savar dressed as a Tal Sh’iar. Just as Shad was about to slip out, a Reman grabs him by the throat and speaks into his mind. The voice is Li’Ru: “Shad come to the other side of the planet quickly, You need to get here soon or your brother will die!”.

At that exact moment every Reman on the planet, the PLANET, revolted. Although it was quickly put down, the damage to both sides was severe. One of the Remans was contacted telepathically by Savar and was told the tale of The Black Hawk.

The kill the customs guard and take off in the Black Shadow. The evade the planetary sensors and land in the mountain mining camp of Severus. Severus has just quelled his uprising personally, but some slaves have escaped with a Romulan boy. Slaves escaping looks bad so they will be caught and killed. Severus says the Hellraisers are welcome to come and carry out their revenge with them. The suit up and ready hover chariots to take into the crevasses.

Savar speaks telepathically with the Remans who are present and begin planning their escape.


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