Tithantic Amrotol


The serum endows the recipient with regenerative power.
Regenerative Property doubles healing rate (Body x2 per day). Immortality?

He is then able to spend Eight Points points on these stats. This will raise their upper limit but experience will still need to be paid in order to raise the stat.

[2 ] Mind Body and Soul 2 points each. 10 CP x level you are going to.

[3, 6] +3 or +6 to one of Body, Mind or Soul saves 3 CP a level.

[3, 8] Critical Hit Save Melee -3 for 3 points or -6. 20 CP per level

[6 ] Critical Hit Save Ranged -3 for Six Points 50 CP per level

[2, 4] Heightened Awareness to danger +3 or +6, 10 CP per level.

[3, 6] Mind Shield +3 or +6, 6 CP per level

[2 or 4] Heightened (Choose one of hearing, smell, vision, taste, or touch)
+3 or +6 , range (smell, sight, hearing) 200m or 500m, 20 CP per level

[2 ] No need for sleep, (recovers energy when doing light duty..) 10 CP.


During the Terran Romulan War the Romulan pilots had to carry out extremely long patrols with very little down time inbetween. The Amrotol serums were designed to extend a pilots effective patrol time and reduce the down time further..

This research led to the discovery of Tithanic Amrotol which worked beyond anyones expectations. So well that Dr. Voombi went into hiding in order to sell his formula to the highest bidder,

Tithantic Amrotol

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