Bio-Kinetic Sword


This staff was stolen from pirate captain Oo’long. It was originally a staff but Stahl modified it into a sword. It contains future technology that cannot be duplicated but is able to be modified.


Tough (30 Health to user in the form of energy sheilds) lvl 6, 12 CP

Weapon 6 +4, 16 CP

Energy Ammo: 3 energy a shot -1CP

Regeneration when being held. 2 Energy per hour of being held. 2CP

Draws energy from Tough for Weapon -2CP

Device is a Sword -1 CP

Total: 26 CPs

26 weeks to get 156 Successes.

156 000 cr a week

Level 3 Lab REQUIRED.

Bio-Kinetic Sword

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