Marta Strausser


Marta is incredibly beautiful. Even other species find her “attractive for a Terran”.


Marta is a deadly combination of beauty, intelligence and greed. She was a rising star in the Imperial Science Division and earned a place on the Oppulance under Capt. Strausser. After seducing the Captain, she became Chief Science Officer. By this time they both grew tired of watching her back and scheming so made plans to leave the Empire.

The discovery of T’kon artifacts on Deneb was to be their salvation. If they could extract and sell the artifacts without the Empire knowing they would be set for several lifetimes. Unfortunately the plan was exposed and in the ensuing battle Strausser was forced to try and kill the survivors, including Marta, to keep the discovery secret. He failed.

The ship carrying the artifacts was damaged and attacked by the Shadows and the Talosians. No one is sure who won but last anyone saw Marta she was in the grip of a Talosian. After the battle both she and the artifacts disappeared.

Marta Strausser

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