Heinrick Strausser

Terran Captain Intelligent Dangerous


For whatever reason Heinrich Strausser was assigned to the ass end of the Empire and told to defend it. His career at an end in a dead end position he began to make his own plans for retirement.

Luck would have it that the mining operation on Deneb IV came across ancient T’Kon artifacts. With the help of his wife Marta the artifacts were collected and clients were sought to complete the sale.

One of Marta’s operatives, Mabooboo, was compromised and other parties became aware of the find, they sent their own bounty hunters to retrieve them.

The entire operation was off the books and could have gotten Heinrich the firing squad.He didnt know if his wife had sold him out. To be safe he adopted a scorched earth policy. But the Hellraisers, his wife, and the artifacts escaped.

In the years that followed Henrich had put a bounty on the Hellraisers head, that was taken up by the Vulcan bounty hunter Sori, and the Hellraisers stole his carbonite frozen Romulan Prince before he could retrieve him. Oh and Stahl slept with Strausser’s wife.

Strausser eventually learned rumors that Marta was on a remote planet. He sent his agents and spies to retrieve her but none returned. Strausser believes this may have something to do with trying to kill her, but she still likes Stahl.

Captain Strausser offers to give the Hellraisers a transport if they bring him Marta.

Heinrick Strausser

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