Bio-mechanic insect killer


Mind: 2
Body: 2
Soul: 2

ACV: 2
DCV: 16

Health 20:
Shock: 4
#Attacks: 2

Run: 12m a round
Jump: 6m

Unarmed Attack: 18
Choketail: Damage 3 on choke attack.
Facehuggers will try to grapple and then choke.

Special Defense: Acid for blood. Dam:3 Splash range 0.5 m. Acid does damage to Armour Rating first.

Digestive Juices: After a successful choke the ’hugger will secrete its digestive juices to make you easier to devour. 5 heath a round.


Created by Zain’in, he uses these small biopods as his personal assassins.

Once a character grabs an opponent, he or she can
attempt a grappling special manoeuvre (Lock, Throw, or
Pin) as his or her next attack.
Instead of attacking normally, a character who (on a
previous attack) successfully grabbed his or her opponent can
choke, crush, or strangle that foe. This attack automatically
hits and inflicts normal unarmed damage.


Star Trek: Serenity MasterUniverse