Star Trek: Serenity

The Last Fulfak

The giant centipede fell off the platform to its death after Stahl peppered it with plasma bolts. The battle was won.

Savar was beaten up but able to move, he and the other Hell Rangers that fell searched the crevase floor for some way to get out.

Mootar, covered in his own blood and holding his guts in with makeshift tourniquet, pushed the group forward “We must find Fulfak and end this.”

The group agreed and set out to do just that. The scene in the hallways was gruesome. All the workers were dead, they all suffered similarly from something bursting out of their chests. A few meters away the blood trail lead to a dead larva. Stahl mused that they could have all been unaware of the infestation, such was the evil of Qwe-Las.

At first they went to the other labs in their search only to find that they had been cleared out. When they reached the landing pad they found Lottie Fulfak blocking the enterance as huge dragonflies, loaded with cargo took off.

Lottie took up an aggressive stance, the last four legs of his parisite unhooked from his skin and began to rub together making a high pitche sonic attack that put most of the Hellraisers and their company on their ass in agony. Mootar was not so easily dissuaded.

The klingon struck Lottie across the jaw slicing through skin and bone. Where one would expect blood, dozens of large worm parasites streched out, grabbing his loose jaw and putting it back into place.

Fulfak spoke, his voice was measured and low, “When the Iconians wiped out my race, I was spared as the last of my kind. Lot-E Fulfak: the last of the Fuldak. I was kept alive so all would know never to stand against the Shadows!”

Lottie grabbed at the Klingon, assisted by the throng of parasites coming out of his face. They wrapped themselves around his head and neck and as Lottie dragged him closer, Mootar could feel them probing around his ears, nose, mouth and eyes desperately trying to get in.

Suddenly a bright energy like blade went through Lottie’s head from the back, the Fulfak fell to the ground motionless, and with no visible wound. Marta stood behind him, her right arm cocked and her fist appeared to be smoking. Mootar momentarily forgot his pain as he was distracted by Marta’s form fitting jump suit. Kora was right, not bad for a human.

“Get up” she barked “they are moving the worms to Zoag, probably the star port. They must be stopped!”

Z’Haftan looked down at the fallen Fulfak. He was in a daze but still clearly alive, the parasites poking out his heads lazily searched the air for a host to infest. The Andorian began to hear mumbling among the other about taking Lottie prisoner. There was no way they would be able to keep this guy, he was too dangerous.

Zaf solved the problem with his disruptor, no one said a word.

Satalite intel showed that there was another launch pad that had a ship take off from it recently and headed for Zoag city, the Shadow was still under repair, but luckily Marta had a ship.

“Where did you get a ship, you were in a coma for months up until a few days ago!”

“A borrowed it from a kind man”, she smirked. Stahl raised an eyebrow “Is he dead now?”
Marta looked hurt “No, he WANTED to give it to me!”

“That woman can be quite pursiasive” the klingon mumbled beneath his breath.

After picking up the fallen Vulcan and Hell Rangers the group take Marta’s ship back to the space port in time to find a three delegations detained by Stahl’s order as Surgeon General. Soomdak was furious.

Soomdak and Saul Baxter tried to make an argument for their sovereinty and how they should be exempt from these restrictions. Meenwhile the Hellraisers noted that one person in each delegation was carrying a small meter long piece of equipment similar to a stasis chamber marked “diplomatic” that may be used to ship organs….or worms.

With one motion, Stahl stepped forward and using his rodinium blade cut one of the mashines spilling liquid and worms all over the ground. The worms immedialty crawlwd towards the nearest dark corner, but not fast enough to escape Hell Ranger plasma fire.

The jig was up. Baxter was taken into custody and Soomdak saw his error in trusting him.



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