Star Trek: Serenity

Brain Quake!

Zaftan went to meet Stahl to get some administrative advice for his new startup Rouge Industrial Products Inc. his weapon company. Zhaftan’s mind was full of weapons and he needed a company to get them out. People could be shooting each other better!

Just as Zaf sat down with Stahl and Shad, Stahl’s communicator went off. It was Kal from PharmaZoag. There was a problem with patient zero.

Savar and Stahl raced over to the new facility. They were supposed to be developing medications from Zoag fauna but other things inevitably came their way. Like the girl on the horse the other day, sick and diseased. Her village was dead seemingly of the same illness save a few that were burned in the center of town.

The isolation ward was a flurry of activity. One of the department heads saw the two Hellraisers enter, with a urgent hand the sent over an intern who began to explain the situation.

“Patient Zero here started to show some significant changes., Along the back of her head and down her spine, gold colored tumors have formed and are growing. They extend into her brain and along her spine. here and here.” the intern referred to a scan on his PADD showing how evasive the tumors had become.

“What are they doing?” Savar asked.

“They are filled with the neural transmitter psilosynine, which is thought to be required for telepathic ability.” the intern responded.

“Get Krastin in here, I want him to take a look at this.” Stahl ordered to no one in particular.

Krastin was all to eagre to help. He recalled an old Tal Shiar program that tried to harvest Psilosynine for the purpose of creating a super soldier program.“Ahh the good old days” the Romulan reminisced.

Fintin skittered next to the patient, Stahl heard whispers in his mind “No intelligence, just noise.”

“It’s time to have these tumors removed” Stahl decided. “Prep her, I’ll preform the procedure myself.”

The surgery started well, orderly even, Stahl allowed himself to believe that all would go well. A belief that proved to be fatally mistaken.

The tumours began to emit heat, the operating room exploded in flame, Stahl barely jumped out of way in time. Patient Zero rose of the table.

One of the techs ran towards the PURGE button, once depressed it would fill the room with a aresol explosive that would ignight the room to 3000 degrees. Savar pushed him out of the way and hit his communicator, “Evacuate, Purge will commence is 10 seconds”.

No sooner had the door slammed behind the Trill before the ignition filled the observation with hard white light.

Patient Zero’s death cry could be heard by every mind in Zoag City, more so in telepaths. The resulting telepathic wave explosion caused the ground to shift which led to building collapsing and fires in City.

Shad unleashed his Peace Keepers and the Hell Rangers to contain the damage and to help with rebuilding efforts.

Damood came crashing through the front door of PharmaZoag, as soon as he could catch his breath he spoke loudly, “Marta is gone!”

Shad investigated his ship, the damage was minimal, the cryostasis tube was broken through from the inside, from there Marta simply walked out. No where to be found.

Mootar slept hard after a long day of clean up in Zoag, the sound of scraping brought him awake quickly his Bat’ leth which he kept under his mattress in hand.

In his room a Romulan sat, playing games on his communicator, sound effects of the game he was playing was the source of the disturbance.

“Sorry to wake you,” the Romulan lied “but we have learned a few things that may be of interest to you.”

“As you know we are here investigating the death of the Romulan Senator but we have also uncovered some interesting facts about Saul Baxter. Recent events have made us concerned.”

“Saul Baxter is a very mysterious individual, recently he was on Newlin where he served as an advisor to the royal family, working closely with a man named Lottie Fulfak. Today the planet is run by a patchwork of warlords since the government collapsed.”

The Romulan leaned forwad in his chair. "And now Saul Baxter and Lottie Fulfak are here. We can’t find anything on Saul, but Lottie has been moving millions of credits into a property her purchased outside of Zoag City. "

“The Tal Shiar believe that Baxter is a destabilizing element to Soomdak and must be stopped.”

“Zoag is not a Romulan world. Yet. But its proximity to Romulan Space makes it a concern. We will leave this information with you and assume you will do what needs to be done.”

The Romulan acted as if her were reacting to something on the screen to his communicator and showed Mootar. That was the last thing he remembered until he awoke the next morning.

For the next two weeks Savar and Stahl stayed under precautionary quarantine. In the after math three victims of the quake were recovered, one of which was a Hell Raiser. Outwardly they seemed unharmed, but underneath their eyelids were not the eyes one would expect but pools of mercury, dark veins swirling against a silver background. They were put in quarantine.

One woke up stark raving mad, the other just wandered leaving a thick black oil underneath whatever he touched, and the Hell Ranger remained in a coma.

Zhaftan waited in silence his disruptor pointed at a bush. He had been in the woods for days looking for Marta, following her trail. It led him to a prospecting camp where everyone was dead, killed by the mysterious disease. A few bodies burned in the center of town.

There was a rustle in the bushes and Zaf sent in a few Hell Rangers who didnt come back out. After a few moments Marta emerged.

She explained that the Telepathic Wave woke her. She was modified by the Talosians to hunt Iconians who they see as a threat to the dominance of the Universe. There is a transmitter in her brain and she picked up a Talosian transmission that an Iconian construct was on Zoag, she has to take it out before the whole planet becomes corrupted. Then she zapped Zaf in the head with a blue energy sword that extended from her wrist. He woke up hours later with his men, unharmed.



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