Star Trek: Serenity


The search of the compound revealed a second landing pad with a hand-crank horn, and saddles and tacking in the house, but too big for a horse.

They needed answers, Stahl tranq’d the prisoner and Savar removed his glove for Mind Meld. After a number of questions it was determined that the hand crank calls in large flying bugs which are saddled and carry the equipment to the base. The flying bugs were strange however, they appeared like enormous dragonflies but their entire body was covered in a black oil, the same oil covered the rider when he took control of the beast.

None of the Hellraisers were eager to try that.

Just then the prisoners communicator rang. Everyone froze, by the third ring Stahl picked it up. The Trill tried his best at impersonating the prisoner but it failed. Soon after the call disconnected the drone of the insects in the woods kicked up in pitch. Shad could see them moving on the ships radar, closing in on the landing pad.

The Orion used the ships lasers to throw up a wall of fire around the Hellraisers and went in for the pick up soon after. As they sped towards near space the sound of rattling, could be heard by the attuned ears of Shad, he just glanced over to the starboard engine as it exploded.

The ship began spinning throwing everyone against the wall with hard Gs. Shad was able to regain control and coordinate with the engine room to get the ship back under control.

Pissed, the crew of the Black Shadow begin clearing the forest by laser meter by meter, looking for the secret base. It doesn’t take long for them to be hailed.

It was voice only. Lottie Fulfak in the most diplomatic way asked what they were doing, The Hellraisers informed Lottie that they were doing an inspection and require coordinates to land. Fulfak complied.

Shad dropped them off and took the Black Shadow to a safe place for repairs.

The Hellraisers and their Hell Ranger unit approached the base and were met by a strange purple Terran like alien with very hard angular features. He stood seven and a half feet tall. But even more notable was the large centipede like creature that wound around his waste over his back and shoulder with its mandible mounted head grabbing the middle of his chest. The only sign of life was when it would dig in its legs a little tighter or get a better grip with its maw, but the creature was mostly motionless.

“I am Lottie Fulfak” he said.



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