Star Trek: Serenity

Rage of Qwe-Las!

The Hellraisers the platoon of Hell Rangers and the six Klingons ran into the room. At the far back a large curled up insect which was sleeping poped up its head and stared at the intruders, at the far back stood a human sized robot with glowing red eyes, no one there had ever seen anything like it. Androids were science fiction!

The thrill of hunting a strange beast overwhelmed the Klingons and they charged the Insect. Howeve Mootar recognized the true enemy, the robot, likely old T’kon technology, inhabited by a sentience of an Iconion, whom some people referred to as the shadows. It was a threat to the entire quadrant.

Mootars plasma bat’leth flared with red hot plasma as the Klingon charged Qwe-Las.

The android did not hesitate, red lasers erupted out of his eye sockets, but unlike lasers they did not travel a straght line. The eye beams would turn left or right or go around in order to hit its target. Qwe-Las needn’t even look at his target. In this case the laser hit the base of one of the floor to ceiling power relays causing it to fall and crash into the floor.

The floor, which is made of hardened wax and other products from the sourounding flora could not take the impact and broke through shattering the floor, only the metal frame that ran around the edge and down the center of the room surviving the impact. Qwe-Las’s lab was on the bottom floor of the hive, 200m above the chasm floor.

The effect was immediate, those. standing away from the frame fell through and those that were close made a mad jump to safety with varying results. Savar fell through in his power armour but managed to get caught in the wires below building. Those that stood on the frame watched in horror.

Mootar was not deterred however and struck the robot mightily with his bat’leth. The Klingons battled the giant centipede that ran about the room quickly. Anyone standing next to the insect as it flew by risked being knocked off the metal frame. Qwe-Les eye beams tore into his enemies, sometimes hitting three different ones at once.

The robot switiched his attention between the Hell Rangers and Stahl in his power mech. Mootars blade burned deeply into Qwe-Las. The Iconian responded with a triple eye beam attack.

Mootar was eviscerated, but never left his feet. His grip iron tight around the handle of his bat’leth beneath the sheen of his own purple blood.

Savar attempted to climb up and help his friends but the wires broke under the weight of his mech, and the Vulcan fell.

Sensing weakness the true Iconian came out, the Klingon would have been easily finished with another volley of eye beams, but Shadow wanted to hoist the Klingon over his head and throw him out of his lab. Despite the precision swiftness of the attack, Mootar managed to evade, barely.

“Impressive” the Android vocalized.

The Klingon Priest followed through with his bat’leth and made another brutal connect.

The light in the eyes of the robot went out.



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