Star Trek: Serenity

Law and Order: Zoag City

Stahl and Savar met with the Judge first thing in the morning. Haitman was determined to see someone hang for this crime and leaned toward going to trial but Stahl successfully argued that there was no law specifically saying murder by telepathy is a crime and no evidence that the shooter was under his thrall in any case.

This upset Doug Figg to no end, he called an emergency council meeting to make up a new law and greased as many palms as possible to make it happen.

Privy to how Figgs are the Hellraisers also started a counter campaign to make sure the law didn’t pass, double greasing some palms. Counciman Hiller practically came with his hand out. Diane Pollhill was with the Hellraisers. Councillor Heiffer ran a dog training business and was offered a contract with the Hell Rangers. Old Cotter was with the Figgs and had a Chicken Farm. He hated his kids. When thing started to turn against Figg he started a filibuster to force the issue but his poor heart gave out under the strain and the fat and the old man passed out. Unable to vote the new low was turned down almost unanimously.

Zhaftan has just about enough of Figgs. He found the Romulan chemist Krastin and got him on bug phermones that would attract the nasties. He wanted a couple of barrels of it, then he ran off to find a plane.

The next day a deputy approached Zhaftan to share his lead. The outfitter Bear Grylls sold some camping equipment and they said they were going to Rose Mountain. He was instructed to to tell anyone they were there.

Zhaftan rubbed his hands together. Locking down the spaceport has worked, now he just has to get some Hell Rangers, find them, and ask them a few questions.

And he did just that, but they refused to answer, frustrated, Zhatan started killing hostages, when they tried to run, the Hell Rangers were forced to put them down. But they learned that they were paid off and the money is still on their ship.

“So its decided…” Stahl poured another round of whiskey. The Hellraisers went to the bar, their old crashed transport, to discuss some business.

“Definitelty”, Shad answered. “I’ll set up a shell company on Flitner and offer feed to the Figgs at 15% below market, but he won’t know its us.”

“And I will offer 15% more for the feed of all Figgs suppliers” Stahl responded. “And when that is all set up, we close the shell company…”

Shad raised his glass "And the Figgs go out of business.. It was foolproof, legal, and took care of a huge pain in the ass.

On the stroll home they passed the starport and saw the oddest thing. Zhaftan in a bi-plan with a huge cannister that had a picture of a pig in a red circle with line through it. The mad Andorian was going to release a plague of bugs on the Figgs pig farm, and probably Zoag City as well. They had to explain their plan again over the noise of propellers.

Zhaftan was cleaning his gun in the bar when a deputy burst in. “Zaf! Bear down at the Outfitters says he say the multicolour hair guy you were lookin for! He says they hit bricks for Rose Mountain, all secret like, they told old Bear not to say nuttun!”

Zhaftan jumped out of the chair almost knocking over the table. Get me some Hell Rangers, it think its time we asked these perps some questions.

“Do it soldier!” the blood splattered Hell Ranger yelled at the new recruit. “Put him down, that is an order! Fire your weapon!” The rookie unloaded on the handcuffed prisoner as he ran away, he fell to the ground lifelessly.

The Hell Ranger moved closer to the new recruit almost seductively. “Finish it.” he whispered. The recruit continued shooting his disruptor rifle until the corpse was disintegrated.

The interrogation had gone bad, their leader refused to answer questions, Zhaftan shot him in the foot, he responded by saying that he would see the Andorian rot in prison for that, One prisoner tried to run away and the Andorian shot him dead, this caused the other prisoners to run, then it got bad.

Their leader finally spilled the beans, confessed they were paid to set up the Vulcan Savar and were paid in gold in latinum which was still on their ship at the space port. Zhaftan thanked him for the information, then killed him.

“Stahl this is Zaftan, we have a situation” he spoke into his communicator. “The evidence is on their ship…”

Stahl was in a meeting with Baggins a feed supplier to Figg Farms. He was testing the waters of offering him feed at a 15% bonus when the call came in.

They met with Judge Haitman to try and get a warrent. They used the disappearance of the crew, the fact that there was video of them taking out cameras in the bar before the attack, as evidence. The Judge agreed.

They boarded the ship and found the money. But, Draven pointed out, no chair. Savar had theoirized that one of those mind bending chairs like those found on the Orion Syndicates moon base, may have brainwashed the shooter, and scans of his brain seemed to support this theory, but the chair would have been the slam dunk. Reviewing the data logs would leave no doubt.

“But if the chair isn’t here…” Draven leaned over to look out the window, across the starport Senator Solak’s Romulan green transport was almost lumanescent below the Zoag sun. Draven’s eyes narrowed, “It’s got to be over there.”

Despite Draven’s insistance that they kick open the ships airlock, take out the soldiers and tear the ship apart till they find the chair, the Hell Raisers were determined to do it legally. Even Zhaftan.

They met the Judge again, and asked for a warrent. The brought up the attack on the jail. Three dead Romulans that were on the Senators ship. They needed to search it for evidence. The Judge granted it.

WIthin twenty minutes they were at the Romulan Ship with their warrant. Solak tried to invoke diplomatic immunity but the Hell Raisers insisted that they need to investigate the attack on the jail. In the name of good relations, Stahl asked for their help.

Senator Solak relented and gave the deputies access to everywhere those that attacked the jail would have had, which wasn`t much as they were lowly Ulhans in rank. It didn`t take long to find the vault door, large and thick with a round metal dias at its center.
Savar connected remotely from his lab, using the tricorder held by Stahl he was able to hack into the ships computers.

One of 5 markers lit up on the dial, `Four more to go`the Vulcan narrated.
A guard soldier came upon the scene but his investigation was foiled by Zhaftan who interrupted him. When Savar had the door open,. the soldier fled for reinforcements.

Inside the room was the chair, and a Tellarite in a cage. He had seen many things in that room. He heard Sovak talking to a Terran on the planet. Sovak was up for a seat on the local coucil but was incompetition with one other high ranking Romulan. Sovak was unable to have him killed without being the number one suspect. The man on the planet said they had the perfect patsy in Savar who was known for killing Romulans and was a Vulcan who never wore gloves to boot. They hired a third party to set the whole thing up and grabbed some guy off the street and threw him in the chair so as to program him to bump into the Vucan then shoot the target. The Tellarite never caught the Terran`s name but he was going to get a substantial agricultural contract out of the deal once Sovak got his council seat. He couldn`t remember what for the Tellarite thought it may have been…..turkeys?

Just then Sovak showed up, brandishing a disruptor and surrounded by squad of centurions.

“You have exceeded the parameters of your search deputy, this will not do.” he hit his commnicator “Captain, prepare for take-off” he leveled the weapon at Stahl, “Looks like the Hellraisers will become permanent guests of the Romulan Empire.”

Stahl knew he could count on his people. Fighting all instict he pulled his iron as slow as he naturally could. Relishing the invitation Sovak took his shot. Zhaftan returned fire disintegrating the senator.

Stahl ran for cover as he knew what was coming. The centurions opened up full auto trying to cut down the Hellraisers, they succeeded in wounding the Klingon and the Andorian but not before they were all cut down to the last man, who surrendered.

With the testimony of the Tellarite slave and the ships Captain who corroborated certain facts the charges against Savar where dropped.

As the Romulans left Zoag Doug Figg and some others where shedding tears at what was supposed to be their big payday flew off into the sunset.

As they left Doug leaned over to a passing Derev Stahl “You are going to regret messing with the Figgs dealings.”

“In the very near future We won’t be dealing with each other at all.” The Trill replied walking away from a stunned Doug Figg.

Days later as Shad began to sort documents for the new Flitner venture he noticed something disturbing from the office window. A girl, more laying thing sitting on the back of the horse. Black runny goo dripping from her eyes, ears, and mouth. Black vein-like markings running up her neck.

Shad rushed to his communicator to call Stahl over here to get her. That girl needed help!

Stahl traced the girl to a camp outside of town, when they arrived all they found was death. Many bodies with the same markings as the girl that came to town. Near the center of the camp a pile of bodies were piled up and burned.

Savar never dreams but tonight a formless black shadow of eyes and teeth formed over him and dove into his mind. The image shocked him to wakefulness but he could not shake the feeling of being watched.



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