Star Trek: Serenity

Deep Woods

Mootar was walking through Zoag when he was stopped by a boy in a tuxedo. “Master Flint requests you presence.”

Mootar knew the place, called the “Bubble Mansion” out side of town, because it looks like a bunch of bubbles close together. Mootar was cautious about Flint, his technology was strange to him and always speaks of the present in the past tense.

Flint welcomed the Klingon inside and got straight to the point. With a wave of his hand a star chart hologram appeared with charts and graphs linking them all together. “This measures the stability of the sector. Al societies fail, there is always a long night, a time when chaos rules.”

With a short gesture Flint pulled out Zoag making the image took up half the room. “Soomdak was a stabilizing force, but since Saul Baxter became an element… chaos began to spread. You must remove Saul Baxter and send Soomdak on his previous path. Do not let the death of Baxter turn Soomdak to the dark side. Everything depends on this Mootar.”

Mootar took in the information quickly. “I hear he’s working with a someone named Lottie Fulfak, the more intel we can get on him the better.”

“I will see what I can do.” Flint waved Mootar to the door and began to task his machines.

At City hall Mayor Beg Bottle was hearing new complaints from Councilman Doug Figg. Figg blamed the earthquake and the plague on the Hellraisers and he demanded action. After all, the good people of Zoag City are terrified!

Just the the entirety of the Hellraisers came strolling in.

“This is a private meeting! Get Out!” screamed the fat Figg.

“Calm down Doug. I invited them”. Bottle placed his hand on Doug’s shoulder.

Bottle demanded an action plan in case this virus became serious. That and the earthquake is getting the people nervous.

Stahl responded that in the case of an epidemic a medical expert, like a Surgeon General, should have full command authority to see such a catastrophe through in an orderly manner.

Naturally being the highest skilled doctor on Zoag, that responsibility should fall to him. To which he would humbly accept.

Doug lost it. He very unrespectfully iterated his every thought on the matter, all of which were negative. Bottle ignored him and made Darev Stahl the Surgeon General of Zoag.

Doug stormed out and the Mayor along with the Hellraisers began to hammer out an emergency plan.

“Finally, we can bring some peace of mind back to the fine citizens of Zoag”, Beg boasted after a few hours of planning. “We can offer our beloved Zoaggers a safe home and a prepared government.”

Outside Bottle’s office there was an explosion.

Savar raced towards the chaos. It was Flints bubble mansion, on fire. Something had hit it. Savar tried to raise him on the comms but recieved only silence.

Mootar was trying to find a way in but the walls were solid. “He was looking into Fulfak, this is getting serious, someone does not want us looking into this!”

The flames inside of Flints bubble house cast strange shadows across Stahls face “I want more satellites in orbit, call Jed Cracker and get him to switch production, if there is an anthill on Zoag I want to see it.” Stahl had had just about enough.

Their investigation revealed a location about 1000 km away from Zoag, a few acres bought by Fulfak in the middle of nowhere. Deep Woods.

Zaf got the Hell Rangers ready, full load out. The Andorian ordered environmentally sealed full battle armour in case of weaponized viruses.

They made landfall at the site without incident. The place was deserted except for a small shack. The trees were close in on the edge of the site and the sound of insects was almost deafening. The landing site was no more than a cleared field which had a path that went past the shack to a smaller field that was also empty,

The building was occupied by a sole terran who stated he knew nothing about anything. He confirmed, begrudgingly, that ships do land there but stated he wasn’t sure where the cargo was taken.

Shad took the Black Shadow to the sky to make an aerial search.



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