Star Trek: Serenity

A Lidless Green Eye

Kora met with Mootar is secret. He described how one son of Krotus had begun to gather forces for revenge on Soomdak for killing his father and Kora took him out. Then another son began to rise, but instead of killing another young Klingon, he tried to manipulate the situation to avoid combat, and it worked, but the boy was killed anyway. And the killing continued, random, but pointing towards Soomdak. Mootar tried to contact Soomdak but was left waiting until ships closed in on his position and tried to take him out. He believes the influence of Saul Baxter has corrupted him.

Shad set up Henry Nelson as CEO of the Flitner operation is his plan to destroy the Figgs.

The Hellraisers needed some cash so they made a run to Gamon. On their return Savar picked up a ship on sensors.

It was a Romulan ship, registered to the Tal Shiar, and it disappeared of sensors as quickly as it appeared. They must have know they were detected as they made a open broadcast to Zoag.

“I am Vo’Kath of the Tal Shiar”, they voice was calm and even toned. “It has come to our attention that a Romulan Senator was killed on this world, we will investigate this crime and make you aware of the consequences. You will not be aware of our investigation, please do not concern yourselves. That is all”.



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