Star Trek: Serenity

The Burn

“Drop your weapon” the voice of the android was both alien and mechanical, threatening in its otherness. “Or else I will crush this Orion’s throat and capture you anyway” the android raised Shad into the air, the sound of servos softly clicking barely audible as he squeezed tighter around his neck.

Savar knew that he could not defeat the android. It’s technology was ages beyond his own, and the intellect behind it was ancient and devious. However, If there could be no success, there may still be victory.

Shad moved towards the control panel, shooting at Qwe-Las as he moved away.

Qwe-Las snapped Shad’s kneck and dropped him to the ground, his eyes began to glow red.

Savar dared to glance on Shad’s fallen body, he wanted his consent too. Still continuous, Savar saw what the Vulcan planned and with all the strength left to him, gave the thumbs up.

Stahl was the first to arrive, when he saw the pillar of smoke he knew exactly where it was coming from. The Trill had to take a moment to think about what was scheduled for Savar’s lab today and was immediately terrified. He put in a call to everybody.

He walked past the crowd that had gathered and walked straight into the burnt out lab, the fire suppression systems had taken care of the fire. The first thing he noticed was a hole through the back of the lab that went into the field outside. Then he saw a lumpy red and black mess he took for his pilot, and a lumpy green and black mess that was his scientist.

“Where’s Shad” a quiet and familiar voice said from behind him, Savar knew Draven could see Shad as well as he could. Still it wasn’t right for anyone to see their kin like that.

“Where is my brother?” Draven’s voice was getting louder and more hysterical.

Savar turned and grabbed Draven holding him close and positioning the Orion so he couldn’t see. “He’s gone Draven, Shad is gone.” He was close enough he could whisper it into his ear.

“Where’s ma brother! Where ma Shad?!” Draven’s screams gave way to sobbing and he eventually collapsed into Shads arms.

“Who’s the other guy?” one of the Hell Rangers asked pointing to the green and black blob.

“That’s Savar” replied the lab tech. “He was a brilliant scientist”.

“Huh” the Hell Ranger replied as he surveyed the scene, the remains of Savar’s hand on the console revealed the circumstance of his death. “For someone so devoted to logic, he sure was crazy.”

“Over here!” a Ranger went through the hole behind the lab and found the Que-Las, although the android was covered in char the head of Savar could be seen in his lap, metal tendrils connected the two heads as it knelt. It did not move.

Zhaf`tan strolled up drew his disruptor blew the robot to pieces.

The next few days all of Zoag City mourned, and although the Figg`s toyed with getting a few comments in, thought better to leave well enough alone.

Shad`s mother showed up for the funeral, but left Zoag with her son Draven a few days later. For his service to the Hellraisers, Draven was given four million cr. severance.

Shad`s wife took over all her late husbands holdings.

Stahl, hung up his guns and began to think….politically….

Return of Qwe-Las

Savar and Shad took the android body of Qwe-Las to the lab for dissection. Savar was eager to uncover new T’kon technology..

The Vulcan scanned the machine and only found low energy readings. Shad could find no latch or opening and began to slice the forehead open with a diamond blade grinder.

Suddenly the robots head turned to face Shad. Shad and Savar drew their pistols and tried to shoot into the holes in Qwe-Las’s armour that were made in the previous battle, but to no avail.

With blinding speed, Qwe-Las wrapped on hand around Shad’s throat and gutted Savar with eye beams.

Qwe-Las is risen.

The Last Fulfak

The giant centipede fell off the platform to its death after Stahl peppered it with plasma bolts. The battle was won.

Savar was beaten up but able to move, he and the other Hell Rangers that fell searched the crevase floor for some way to get out.

Mootar, covered in his own blood and holding his guts in with makeshift tourniquet, pushed the group forward “We must find Fulfak and end this.”

The group agreed and set out to do just that. The scene in the hallways was gruesome. All the workers were dead, they all suffered similarly from something bursting out of their chests. A few meters away the blood trail lead to a dead larva. Stahl mused that they could have all been unaware of the infestation, such was the evil of Qwe-Las.

At first they went to the other labs in their search only to find that they had been cleared out. When they reached the landing pad they found Lottie Fulfak blocking the enterance as huge dragonflies, loaded with cargo took off.

Lottie took up an aggressive stance, the last four legs of his parisite unhooked from his skin and began to rub together making a high pitche sonic attack that put most of the Hellraisers and their company on their ass in agony. Mootar was not so easily dissuaded.

The klingon struck Lottie across the jaw slicing through skin and bone. Where one would expect blood, dozens of large worm parasites streched out, grabbing his loose jaw and putting it back into place.

Fulfak spoke, his voice was measured and low, “When the Iconians wiped out my race, I was spared as the last of my kind. Lot-E Fulfak: the last of the Fuldak. I was kept alive so all would know never to stand against the Shadows!”

Lottie grabbed at the Klingon, assisted by the throng of parasites coming out of his face. They wrapped themselves around his head and neck and as Lottie dragged him closer, Mootar could feel them probing around his ears, nose, mouth and eyes desperately trying to get in.

Suddenly a bright energy like blade went through Lottie’s head from the back, the Fulfak fell to the ground motionless, and with no visible wound. Marta stood behind him, her right arm cocked and her fist appeared to be smoking. Mootar momentarily forgot his pain as he was distracted by Marta’s form fitting jump suit. Kora was right, not bad for a human.

“Get up” she barked “they are moving the worms to Zoag, probably the star port. They must be stopped!”

Z’Haftan looked down at the fallen Fulfak. He was in a daze but still clearly alive, the parasites poking out his heads lazily searched the air for a host to infest. The Andorian began to hear mumbling among the other about taking Lottie prisoner. There was no way they would be able to keep this guy, he was too dangerous.

Zaf solved the problem with his disruptor, no one said a word.

Satalite intel showed that there was another launch pad that had a ship take off from it recently and headed for Zoag city, the Shadow was still under repair, but luckily Marta had a ship.

“Where did you get a ship, you were in a coma for months up until a few days ago!”

“A borrowed it from a kind man”, she smirked. Stahl raised an eyebrow “Is he dead now?”
Marta looked hurt “No, he WANTED to give it to me!”

“That woman can be quite pursiasive” the klingon mumbled beneath his breath.

After picking up the fallen Vulcan and Hell Rangers the group take Marta’s ship back to the space port in time to find a three delegations detained by Stahl’s order as Surgeon General. Soomdak was furious.

Soomdak and Saul Baxter tried to make an argument for their sovereinty and how they should be exempt from these restrictions. Meenwhile the Hellraisers noted that one person in each delegation was carrying a small meter long piece of equipment similar to a stasis chamber marked “diplomatic” that may be used to ship organs….or worms.

With one motion, Stahl stepped forward and using his rodinium blade cut one of the mashines spilling liquid and worms all over the ground. The worms immedialty crawlwd towards the nearest dark corner, but not fast enough to escape Hell Ranger plasma fire.

The jig was up. Baxter was taken into custody and Soomdak saw his error in trusting him.

Rage of Qwe-Las!

The Hellraisers the platoon of Hell Rangers and the six Klingons ran into the room. At the far back a large curled up insect which was sleeping poped up its head and stared at the intruders, at the far back stood a human sized robot with glowing red eyes, no one there had ever seen anything like it. Androids were science fiction!

The thrill of hunting a strange beast overwhelmed the Klingons and they charged the Insect. Howeve Mootar recognized the true enemy, the robot, likely old T’kon technology, inhabited by a sentience of an Iconion, whom some people referred to as the shadows. It was a threat to the entire quadrant.

Mootars plasma bat’leth flared with red hot plasma as the Klingon charged Qwe-Las.

The android did not hesitate, red lasers erupted out of his eye sockets, but unlike lasers they did not travel a straght line. The eye beams would turn left or right or go around in order to hit its target. Qwe-Las needn’t even look at his target. In this case the laser hit the base of one of the floor to ceiling power relays causing it to fall and crash into the floor.

The floor, which is made of hardened wax and other products from the sourounding flora could not take the impact and broke through shattering the floor, only the metal frame that ran around the edge and down the center of the room surviving the impact. Qwe-Las’s lab was on the bottom floor of the hive, 200m above the chasm floor.

The effect was immediate, those. standing away from the frame fell through and those that were close made a mad jump to safety with varying results. Savar fell through in his power armour but managed to get caught in the wires below building. Those that stood on the frame watched in horror.

Mootar was not deterred however and struck the robot mightily with his bat’leth. The Klingons battled the giant centipede that ran about the room quickly. Anyone standing next to the insect as it flew by risked being knocked off the metal frame. Qwe-Les eye beams tore into his enemies, sometimes hitting three different ones at once.

The robot switiched his attention between the Hell Rangers and Stahl in his power mech. Mootars blade burned deeply into Qwe-Las. The Iconian responded with a triple eye beam attack.

Mootar was eviscerated, but never left his feet. His grip iron tight around the handle of his bat’leth beneath the sheen of his own purple blood.

Savar attempted to climb up and help his friends but the wires broke under the weight of his mech, and the Vulcan fell.

Sensing weakness the true Iconian came out, the Klingon would have been easily finished with another volley of eye beams, but Shadow wanted to hoist the Klingon over his head and throw him out of his lab. Despite the precision swiftness of the attack, Mootar managed to evade, barely.

“Impressive” the Android vocalized.

The Klingon Priest followed through with his bat’leth and made another brutal connect.

The light in the eyes of the robot went out.

Assault on Qwe-Las

The Hell Ranges began to to enter the compound despite Lottie Fullfak’s protests.

Stahl spun on his heels and looked the alien in the face, trying not to be creeped out by the large parasite wrapped around his body.

“This is happening. We are doing an investigation into a strange disease that is infecting the citizenry of Zoag.” the Trill stated, flashing his Surgeon General credentials.

“We have a number of sensitive projects here, many of which are partnered with Zoag business. Confidential, you need to see….” Lottie was cut off by Stahl. “We we have the names of these Zoag business and they will be our next stop” he countered.

“I think not” the low gravelly voice cut across the room. There stood Kora the Klingon General with six other klingons and the door to the compound.

Now it was Stahl who was being ignored as Kora took Mootar aside to speak with him. After a few minuites Kora spoke to the Trill.

“We must take all out men and follow Kora. Now. We are in danger.” The Trill didn’t like it but eventually acquiesced.

Everyone gather in a large storage room. There were Klingons there in large glass tubes. the tubes were filled with a strange barely translucent black fluid that seemed to twist and churn on its own.

“First off let me start by saying I do not have a worm.” Kora began, which was followed up by a round of scans by Savar and Stahl.

Kora explained that a few days ago he found himself here after coughing up a black worm. There was a beautiful Terran in the room who helped him and told him to act as if nothing as changed.

Referring to the Terran as beautiful drew stares from the other Klingons which only led Kora to loudly reassert his assessment.

Kora learned that Saul Baxter brought Qwe-Las to this facility, they say Saul helped him escape a great machine and then Saul using the knowledge of Qwe-Las built the body he inhabits today. Qwe-Las was the closest thing these people saw to a real Iconian and he took over the operations. He expanded the worm pits program and began the black oil and the Psytonin disease.

“He’s enhanced the oil and the worms with this strange gold liquid” Mootar’s voice lowered “It gets into their brains changes them….into something else….”.

“These high profile attacks were beginning to worry Lottie” Kora continued, “as they threaten the Iconians ability to work in the shadows.”

“Qwe-Las has to be taken down, he threatens the Klingon Empire and the Triangle.” Kora concluded. “The only problem is that he can control every bug through this place. He does it from a device on the top floor guarded by…”

“I can block it”, Savar chimed in. “I have the technology”.

A tall Klingon from the back stepped forward and vouched for Savar. “I trust this Vulcan with my life, I hunted with him”.

“This is good, the Demon will not see that coming. My brothers, it is time for war.”

The Hell Rangers, the Klingons, and the Hellraisers headed down to the bottom of the facility where Qwe-Las’s lab was. With the Klingons leading, few bothered to inquire, trained early on to mind their own business. Those that did inquire, paid for it with their lives.

The passed through a few flesh doors that opened wide in a circular motion until they reached the door of the Lab.

With weapons at the ready, Savar flipped the switch on the telepathic blocker, and they ran in.


The search of the compound revealed a second landing pad with a hand-crank horn, and saddles and tacking in the house, but too big for a horse.

They needed answers, Stahl tranq’d the prisoner and Savar removed his glove for Mind Meld. After a number of questions it was determined that the hand crank calls in large flying bugs which are saddled and carry the equipment to the base. The flying bugs were strange however, they appeared like enormous dragonflies but their entire body was covered in a black oil, the same oil covered the rider when he took control of the beast.

None of the Hellraisers were eager to try that.

Just then the prisoners communicator rang. Everyone froze, by the third ring Stahl picked it up. The Trill tried his best at impersonating the prisoner but it failed. Soon after the call disconnected the drone of the insects in the woods kicked up in pitch. Shad could see them moving on the ships radar, closing in on the landing pad.

The Orion used the ships lasers to throw up a wall of fire around the Hellraisers and went in for the pick up soon after. As they sped towards near space the sound of rattling, could be heard by the attuned ears of Shad, he just glanced over to the starboard engine as it exploded.

The ship began spinning throwing everyone against the wall with hard Gs. Shad was able to regain control and coordinate with the engine room to get the ship back under control.

Pissed, the crew of the Black Shadow begin clearing the forest by laser meter by meter, looking for the secret base. It doesn’t take long for them to be hailed.

It was voice only. Lottie Fulfak in the most diplomatic way asked what they were doing, The Hellraisers informed Lottie that they were doing an inspection and require coordinates to land. Fulfak complied.

Shad dropped them off and took the Black Shadow to a safe place for repairs.

The Hellraisers and their Hell Ranger unit approached the base and were met by a strange purple Terran like alien with very hard angular features. He stood seven and a half feet tall. But even more notable was the large centipede like creature that wound around his waste over his back and shoulder with its mandible mounted head grabbing the middle of his chest. The only sign of life was when it would dig in its legs a little tighter or get a better grip with its maw, but the creature was mostly motionless.

“I am Lottie Fulfak” he said.

Deep Woods

Mootar was walking through Zoag when he was stopped by a boy in a tuxedo. “Master Flint requests you presence.”

Mootar knew the place, called the “Bubble Mansion” out side of town, because it looks like a bunch of bubbles close together. Mootar was cautious about Flint, his technology was strange to him and always speaks of the present in the past tense.

Flint welcomed the Klingon inside and got straight to the point. With a wave of his hand a star chart hologram appeared with charts and graphs linking them all together. “This measures the stability of the sector. Al societies fail, there is always a long night, a time when chaos rules.”

With a short gesture Flint pulled out Zoag making the image took up half the room. “Soomdak was a stabilizing force, but since Saul Baxter became an element… chaos began to spread. You must remove Saul Baxter and send Soomdak on his previous path. Do not let the death of Baxter turn Soomdak to the dark side. Everything depends on this Mootar.”

Mootar took in the information quickly. “I hear he’s working with a someone named Lottie Fulfak, the more intel we can get on him the better.”

“I will see what I can do.” Flint waved Mootar to the door and began to task his machines.

At City hall Mayor Beg Bottle was hearing new complaints from Councilman Doug Figg. Figg blamed the earthquake and the plague on the Hellraisers and he demanded action. After all, the good people of Zoag City are terrified!

Just the the entirety of the Hellraisers came strolling in.

“This is a private meeting! Get Out!” screamed the fat Figg.

“Calm down Doug. I invited them”. Bottle placed his hand on Doug’s shoulder.

Bottle demanded an action plan in case this virus became serious. That and the earthquake is getting the people nervous.

Stahl responded that in the case of an epidemic a medical expert, like a Surgeon General, should have full command authority to see such a catastrophe through in an orderly manner.

Naturally being the highest skilled doctor on Zoag, that responsibility should fall to him. To which he would humbly accept.

Doug lost it. He very unrespectfully iterated his every thought on the matter, all of which were negative. Bottle ignored him and made Darev Stahl the Surgeon General of Zoag.

Doug stormed out and the Mayor along with the Hellraisers began to hammer out an emergency plan.

“Finally, we can bring some peace of mind back to the fine citizens of Zoag”, Beg boasted after a few hours of planning. “We can offer our beloved Zoaggers a safe home and a prepared government.”

Outside Bottle’s office there was an explosion.

Savar raced towards the chaos. It was Flints bubble mansion, on fire. Something had hit it. Savar tried to raise him on the comms but recieved only silence.

Mootar was trying to find a way in but the walls were solid. “He was looking into Fulfak, this is getting serious, someone does not want us looking into this!”

The flames inside of Flints bubble house cast strange shadows across Stahls face “I want more satellites in orbit, call Jed Cracker and get him to switch production, if there is an anthill on Zoag I want to see it.” Stahl had had just about enough.

Their investigation revealed a location about 1000 km away from Zoag, a few acres bought by Fulfak in the middle of nowhere. Deep Woods.

Zaf got the Hell Rangers ready, full load out. The Andorian ordered environmentally sealed full battle armour in case of weaponized viruses.

They made landfall at the site without incident. The place was deserted except for a small shack. The trees were close in on the edge of the site and the sound of insects was almost deafening. The landing site was no more than a cleared field which had a path that went past the shack to a smaller field that was also empty,

The building was occupied by a sole terran who stated he knew nothing about anything. He confirmed, begrudgingly, that ships do land there but stated he wasn’t sure where the cargo was taken.

Shad took the Black Shadow to the sky to make an aerial search.

Brain Quake!

Zaftan went to meet Stahl to get some administrative advice for his new startup Rouge Industrial Products Inc. his weapon company. Zhaftan’s mind was full of weapons and he needed a company to get them out. People could be shooting each other better!

Just as Zaf sat down with Stahl and Shad, Stahl’s communicator went off. It was Kal from PharmaZoag. There was a problem with patient zero.

Savar and Stahl raced over to the new facility. They were supposed to be developing medications from Zoag fauna but other things inevitably came their way. Like the girl on the horse the other day, sick and diseased. Her village was dead seemingly of the same illness save a few that were burned in the center of town.

The isolation ward was a flurry of activity. One of the department heads saw the two Hellraisers enter, with a urgent hand the sent over an intern who began to explain the situation.

“Patient Zero here started to show some significant changes., Along the back of her head and down her spine, gold colored tumors have formed and are growing. They extend into her brain and along her spine. here and here.” the intern referred to a scan on his PADD showing how evasive the tumors had become.

“What are they doing?” Savar asked.

“They are filled with the neural transmitter psilosynine, which is thought to be required for telepathic ability.” the intern responded.

“Get Krastin in here, I want him to take a look at this.” Stahl ordered to no one in particular.

Krastin was all to eagre to help. He recalled an old Tal Shiar program that tried to harvest Psilosynine for the purpose of creating a super soldier program.“Ahh the good old days” the Romulan reminisced.

Fintin skittered next to the patient, Stahl heard whispers in his mind “No intelligence, just noise.”

“It’s time to have these tumors removed” Stahl decided. “Prep her, I’ll preform the procedure myself.”

The surgery started well, orderly even, Stahl allowed himself to believe that all would go well. A belief that proved to be fatally mistaken.

The tumours began to emit heat, the operating room exploded in flame, Stahl barely jumped out of way in time. Patient Zero rose of the table.

One of the techs ran towards the PURGE button, once depressed it would fill the room with a aresol explosive that would ignight the room to 3000 degrees. Savar pushed him out of the way and hit his communicator, “Evacuate, Purge will commence is 10 seconds”.

No sooner had the door slammed behind the Trill before the ignition filled the observation with hard white light.

Patient Zero’s death cry could be heard by every mind in Zoag City, more so in telepaths. The resulting telepathic wave explosion caused the ground to shift which led to building collapsing and fires in City.

Shad unleashed his Peace Keepers and the Hell Rangers to contain the damage and to help with rebuilding efforts.

Damood came crashing through the front door of PharmaZoag, as soon as he could catch his breath he spoke loudly, “Marta is gone!”

Shad investigated his ship, the damage was minimal, the cryostasis tube was broken through from the inside, from there Marta simply walked out. No where to be found.

Mootar slept hard after a long day of clean up in Zoag, the sound of scraping brought him awake quickly his Bat’ leth which he kept under his mattress in hand.

In his room a Romulan sat, playing games on his communicator, sound effects of the game he was playing was the source of the disturbance.

“Sorry to wake you,” the Romulan lied “but we have learned a few things that may be of interest to you.”

“As you know we are here investigating the death of the Romulan Senator but we have also uncovered some interesting facts about Saul Baxter. Recent events have made us concerned.”

“Saul Baxter is a very mysterious individual, recently he was on Newlin where he served as an advisor to the royal family, working closely with a man named Lottie Fulfak. Today the planet is run by a patchwork of warlords since the government collapsed.”

The Romulan leaned forwad in his chair. "And now Saul Baxter and Lottie Fulfak are here. We can’t find anything on Saul, but Lottie has been moving millions of credits into a property her purchased outside of Zoag City. "

“The Tal Shiar believe that Baxter is a destabilizing element to Soomdak and must be stopped.”

“Zoag is not a Romulan world. Yet. But its proximity to Romulan Space makes it a concern. We will leave this information with you and assume you will do what needs to be done.”

The Romulan acted as if her were reacting to something on the screen to his communicator and showed Mootar. That was the last thing he remembered until he awoke the next morning.

For the next two weeks Savar and Stahl stayed under precautionary quarantine. In the after math three victims of the quake were recovered, one of which was a Hell Raiser. Outwardly they seemed unharmed, but underneath their eyelids were not the eyes one would expect but pools of mercury, dark veins swirling against a silver background. They were put in quarantine.

One woke up stark raving mad, the other just wandered leaving a thick black oil underneath whatever he touched, and the Hell Ranger remained in a coma.

Zhaftan waited in silence his disruptor pointed at a bush. He had been in the woods for days looking for Marta, following her trail. It led him to a prospecting camp where everyone was dead, killed by the mysterious disease. A few bodies burned in the center of town.

There was a rustle in the bushes and Zaf sent in a few Hell Rangers who didnt come back out. After a few moments Marta emerged.

She explained that the Telepathic Wave woke her. She was modified by the Talosians to hunt Iconians who they see as a threat to the dominance of the Universe. There is a transmitter in her brain and she picked up a Talosian transmission that an Iconian construct was on Zoag, she has to take it out before the whole planet becomes corrupted. Then she zapped Zaf in the head with a blue energy sword that extended from her wrist. He woke up hours later with his men, unharmed.

A Lidless Green Eye

Kora met with Mootar is secret. He described how one son of Krotus had begun to gather forces for revenge on Soomdak for killing his father and Kora took him out. Then another son began to rise, but instead of killing another young Klingon, he tried to manipulate the situation to avoid combat, and it worked, but the boy was killed anyway. And the killing continued, random, but pointing towards Soomdak. Mootar tried to contact Soomdak but was left waiting until ships closed in on his position and tried to take him out. He believes the influence of Saul Baxter has corrupted him.

Shad set up Henry Nelson as CEO of the Flitner operation is his plan to destroy the Figgs.

The Hellraisers needed some cash so they made a run to Gamon. On their return Savar picked up a ship on sensors.

It was a Romulan ship, registered to the Tal Shiar, and it disappeared of sensors as quickly as it appeared. They must have know they were detected as they made a open broadcast to Zoag.

“I am Vo’Kath of the Tal Shiar”, they voice was calm and even toned. “It has come to our attention that a Romulan Senator was killed on this world, we will investigate this crime and make you aware of the consequences. You will not be aware of our investigation, please do not concern yourselves. That is all”.

Law and Order: Zoag City

Stahl and Savar met with the Judge first thing in the morning. Haitman was determined to see someone hang for this crime and leaned toward going to trial but Stahl successfully argued that there was no law specifically saying murder by telepathy is a crime and no evidence that the shooter was under his thrall in any case.

This upset Doug Figg to no end, he called an emergency council meeting to make up a new law and greased as many palms as possible to make it happen.

Privy to how Figgs are the Hellraisers also started a counter campaign to make sure the law didn’t pass, double greasing some palms. Counciman Hiller practically came with his hand out. Diane Pollhill was with the Hellraisers. Councillor Heiffer ran a dog training business and was offered a contract with the Hell Rangers. Old Cotter was with the Figgs and had a Chicken Farm. He hated his kids. When thing started to turn against Figg he started a filibuster to force the issue but his poor heart gave out under the strain and the fat and the old man passed out. Unable to vote the new low was turned down almost unanimously.

Zhaftan has just about enough of Figgs. He found the Romulan chemist Krastin and got him on bug phermones that would attract the nasties. He wanted a couple of barrels of it, then he ran off to find a plane.

The next day a deputy approached Zhaftan to share his lead. The outfitter Bear Grylls sold some camping equipment and they said they were going to Rose Mountain. He was instructed to to tell anyone they were there.

Zhaftan rubbed his hands together. Locking down the spaceport has worked, now he just has to get some Hell Rangers, find them, and ask them a few questions.

And he did just that, but they refused to answer, frustrated, Zhatan started killing hostages, when they tried to run, the Hell Rangers were forced to put them down. But they learned that they were paid off and the money is still on their ship.

“So its decided…” Stahl poured another round of whiskey. The Hellraisers went to the bar, their old crashed transport, to discuss some business.

“Definitelty”, Shad answered. “I’ll set up a shell company on Flitner and offer feed to the Figgs at 15% below market, but he won’t know its us.”

“And I will offer 15% more for the feed of all Figgs suppliers” Stahl responded. “And when that is all set up, we close the shell company…”

Shad raised his glass "And the Figgs go out of business.. It was foolproof, legal, and took care of a huge pain in the ass.

On the stroll home they passed the starport and saw the oddest thing. Zhaftan in a bi-plan with a huge cannister that had a picture of a pig in a red circle with line through it. The mad Andorian was going to release a plague of bugs on the Figgs pig farm, and probably Zoag City as well. They had to explain their plan again over the noise of propellers.

Zhaftan was cleaning his gun in the bar when a deputy burst in. “Zaf! Bear down at the Outfitters says he say the multicolour hair guy you were lookin for! He says they hit bricks for Rose Mountain, all secret like, they told old Bear not to say nuttun!”

Zhaftan jumped out of the chair almost knocking over the table. Get me some Hell Rangers, it think its time we asked these perps some questions.

“Do it soldier!” the blood splattered Hell Ranger yelled at the new recruit. “Put him down, that is an order! Fire your weapon!” The rookie unloaded on the handcuffed prisoner as he ran away, he fell to the ground lifelessly.

The Hell Ranger moved closer to the new recruit almost seductively. “Finish it.” he whispered. The recruit continued shooting his disruptor rifle until the corpse was disintegrated.

The interrogation had gone bad, their leader refused to answer questions, Zhaftan shot him in the foot, he responded by saying that he would see the Andorian rot in prison for that, One prisoner tried to run away and the Andorian shot him dead, this caused the other prisoners to run, then it got bad.

Their leader finally spilled the beans, confessed they were paid to set up the Vulcan Savar and were paid in gold in latinum which was still on their ship at the space port. Zhaftan thanked him for the information, then killed him.

“Stahl this is Zaftan, we have a situation” he spoke into his communicator. “The evidence is on their ship…”

Stahl was in a meeting with Baggins a feed supplier to Figg Farms. He was testing the waters of offering him feed at a 15% bonus when the call came in.

They met with Judge Haitman to try and get a warrent. They used the disappearance of the crew, the fact that there was video of them taking out cameras in the bar before the attack, as evidence. The Judge agreed.

They boarded the ship and found the money. But, Draven pointed out, no chair. Savar had theoirized that one of those mind bending chairs like those found on the Orion Syndicates moon base, may have brainwashed the shooter, and scans of his brain seemed to support this theory, but the chair would have been the slam dunk. Reviewing the data logs would leave no doubt.

“But if the chair isn’t here…” Draven leaned over to look out the window, across the starport Senator Solak’s Romulan green transport was almost lumanescent below the Zoag sun. Draven’s eyes narrowed, “It’s got to be over there.”

Despite Draven’s insistance that they kick open the ships airlock, take out the soldiers and tear the ship apart till they find the chair, the Hell Raisers were determined to do it legally. Even Zhaftan.

They met the Judge again, and asked for a warrent. The brought up the attack on the jail. Three dead Romulans that were on the Senators ship. They needed to search it for evidence. The Judge granted it.

WIthin twenty minutes they were at the Romulan Ship with their warrant. Solak tried to invoke diplomatic immunity but the Hell Raisers insisted that they need to investigate the attack on the jail. In the name of good relations, Stahl asked for their help.

Senator Solak relented and gave the deputies access to everywhere those that attacked the jail would have had, which wasn`t much as they were lowly Ulhans in rank. It didn`t take long to find the vault door, large and thick with a round metal dias at its center.
Savar connected remotely from his lab, using the tricorder held by Stahl he was able to hack into the ships computers.

One of 5 markers lit up on the dial, `Four more to go`the Vulcan narrated.
A guard soldier came upon the scene but his investigation was foiled by Zhaftan who interrupted him. When Savar had the door open,. the soldier fled for reinforcements.

Inside the room was the chair, and a Tellarite in a cage. He had seen many things in that room. He heard Sovak talking to a Terran on the planet. Sovak was up for a seat on the local coucil but was incompetition with one other high ranking Romulan. Sovak was unable to have him killed without being the number one suspect. The man on the planet said they had the perfect patsy in Savar who was known for killing Romulans and was a Vulcan who never wore gloves to boot. They hired a third party to set the whole thing up and grabbed some guy off the street and threw him in the chair so as to program him to bump into the Vucan then shoot the target. The Tellarite never caught the Terran`s name but he was going to get a substantial agricultural contract out of the deal once Sovak got his council seat. He couldn`t remember what for the Tellarite thought it may have been…..turkeys?

Just then Sovak showed up, brandishing a disruptor and surrounded by squad of centurions.

“You have exceeded the parameters of your search deputy, this will not do.” he hit his commnicator “Captain, prepare for take-off” he leveled the weapon at Stahl, “Looks like the Hellraisers will become permanent guests of the Romulan Empire.”

Stahl knew he could count on his people. Fighting all instict he pulled his iron as slow as he naturally could. Relishing the invitation Sovak took his shot. Zhaftan returned fire disintegrating the senator.

Stahl ran for cover as he knew what was coming. The centurions opened up full auto trying to cut down the Hellraisers, they succeeded in wounding the Klingon and the Andorian but not before they were all cut down to the last man, who surrendered.

With the testimony of the Tellarite slave and the ships Captain who corroborated certain facts the charges against Savar where dropped.

As the Romulans left Zoag Doug Figg and some others where shedding tears at what was supposed to be their big payday flew off into the sunset.

As they left Doug leaned over to a passing Derev Stahl “You are going to regret messing with the Figgs dealings.”

“In the very near future We won’t be dealing with each other at all.” The Trill replied walking away from a stunned Doug Figg.

Days later as Shad began to sort documents for the new Flitner venture he noticed something disturbing from the office window. A girl, more laying thing sitting on the back of the horse. Black runny goo dripping from her eyes, ears, and mouth. Black vein-like markings running up her neck.

Shad rushed to his communicator to call Stahl over here to get her. That girl needed help!

Stahl traced the girl to a camp outside of town, when they arrived all they found was death. Many bodies with the same markings as the girl that came to town. Near the center of the camp a pile of bodies were piled up and burned.

Savar never dreams but tonight a formless black shadow of eyes and teeth formed over him and dove into his mind. The image shocked him to wakefulness but he could not shake the feeling of being watched.


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